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"In one department alone, where we just catalog images, we will save 4,000 man hours by next year."

Macy's, Shani Schechter


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Video Reel Generator   Download Toolsheet

“When a client needs to see all of their spots from the past month or the agency presents a new business pitch showcasing a reel of the top 10 spots—Video Reel Generator is our tool of choice. In the past, reels had to be requested from our video editing suite, creating a time constraint and taking away from billable work. With this tool, we can arrange clips in any order, adjust their length, crop out slates, and more—directly from the desktop.”

Maria Shippee, mcgarrybowen


Xinet® Video Reel Generator lets you create in-house video reels from existing files—such as images, layout documents, HTML files, audio and multiple video file formats—to maintain greater control over the creative process.

Feature Overview

Generating video reels in-house can save both time and resources for organizations that frequently outsource this type of work to a production house. Whether you want to create a video deck as a presentation to pitch new business, or make an agency reel to advertise your scope of services, this feature is a straight-forward, easy-to-use tool for the creative team, and requires no background in video reel production. With existing assets available for repurposing, you gain greater control over the cost and time it takes to complete these projects, without using any additional video editing software.


Build Video Reels In-house

With access to a WebNative® Suite server, local and remote users can generate video reels by simply placing videos, images, and a variety of other supported files into a shopping basket to create a storyboard, and selecting a range of output options from the Video Reel Generator window. Any reel can include a soundtrack by adding an audio file. Additional applications, original source files and special training are not needed to use this versatile feature.


Video Reel Generator shopping basket

Shopping Basket: The files previewed above have been placed in the WebNative Suite shopping basket as elements of a storyboard.


Select Options for Output

A variety of options are available when building video reels, including the flexibility to select exactly which sections of a file will be used, and for how long. A storyboard can contain common file formats, including videos, images, web pages, layout documents, and PDF files.

To select scenes, images or audio for a new reel, a user can choose from any or all of the following:

  • Videos—users select elements based on key frames or time code; users can also select whether or not to transition at the end of a clip, such as fading or holding the final frame for a specified amount of time

  • Images—users specify an exact amount of time for the image to be displayed

  • Documents and web pages—users select a specific page, a range of pages, or any combination of pages to be displayed in the video, as well as the length of time each page will be shown
  • Within the Video Reel Generator window, files can be added, deleted or reordered. Files can also be duplicated to allow a document, or different sections of a document, to be used multiple times within one reel. Once generated, image previews can be displayed to see an inventory of all assets used in the reel.

    Output options can be specified, such as where on the WebNative Suite server the video reel should be saved, its resolution set, and quality. Three default output formats are available—Flash Video, QuickTime Video and Windows Media. Audio files can be attached or replaced, and a simple checkbox offers the option of looping the sound track for the duration of the video reel.


    Video Reel Generator

    Video Reel Generator Window: One simple window displays a storyboard of elements for video reel creation. All user controls are contained within this window.




  • Create reels from assets on the WebNative Suite server, in a variety of formats, without additional video editing software or source files

  • Output Flash Video, QuickTime Video and Windows Media formats

  • Add transitions at the end of clips—such as fading or holding a frame for a specified amount of time

  • Attach an audio file to include a soundtrack with the new reel

  • Save frequently used output configurations for future projects


  • Reduce or eliminate the need to outsource expensive video reel production

  • Gain greater control over costs and the amount of time needed to create reels by making them in-house

  • Eliminate costs associated with additional software licenses and training for source file applications

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