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The Marketing Store, Steve Dennis


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Young & Rubicam, Kathy Dzielak


"In one department alone, where we just catalog images, we will save 4,000 man hours by next year."

Macy's, Shani Schechter


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Zebra, Paul Samuels


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Digital Asset Management Tools

Triggers and Actions  


"With Triggers and Actions, it’s much easier to get files approved; we send our customers an email link notifying them that a file has been uploaded and they review it directly on the server. We don’t have to worry about duplicate files because they review, edit and make comments in one central document."

- Steve Butler, Tapestry


Xinet® WebNative® Suite Triggers and Actions increases efficiency in the workflow with time-saving automation of routine tasks.

Feature Overview

Workflow automation with Triggers and Actions boosts productivity with simple, automated management of repetitive, manual tasks. Managed at the administrative level, this versatile feature offers a method for establishing Triggers that initiate Actions in the WebNative Suite database or file system to automate simple and complex workflows. Individual tasks like sending email notification of approved assets, adding metadata to a file, or moving a completed job folder to an archive area on the server, are handled automatically by WebNative Suite—any time, day or night.


Automate Parts of the Workflow

Standard, repetitive tasks take time and can easily be abandoned or delayed for any number of reasons. Moving documents from one folder on the server to another can be a time-consuming job for any traffic coordinator. Sending email notification to a group of reviewers the moment an approval is received or a file is delivered can be burdensome with so many other assignments and deadlines. With Triggers and Actions, simple, repetitive jobs like these can be automated to ensure accuracy and save time in any organization.

A variety of options are available for creating Triggers that set automatic Actions, or a chain Actions—into motion from the database.

  • Triggers can be established so that changes to a data field, changes to the file system, or any new or updated annotation, can initiate one or more predefined Actions within the database. For example, any time the metadata in a particular datafield for any file in the database is set to a particular value, such as “approved”, this change in metadata can cause an Action—such as email notification—to be set into motion, as determined by your workflow.

  • Actions are automated responses to Triggers, and can be set up to archive an expired asset; send email notification to specific contacts; apply metadata to a file; and manage many other routine tasks that your workflow requires. Custom actions can be created as needed.
  • This time-saving feature removes small chores from the larger picture, ensuring greater accuracy and simplifying workflow for users whose day-to-day work requires repeated, manual tasks.


    Work with Actions

    WebNative Suite comes with several Actions ready to use, which provide important utilities used for most workflows in the WebNative Suite environment. A few examples of how Actions work with other
    WebNative Suite tools are described here:

  • Uploader applications work with Triggers and Actions to send automatic email as notification that files have been delivered to the WebNative Suite server

  • Annotations works with Triggers and Actions to move approved files
    from one job folder to another when a datafield is marked as Approved by a client

  • Asset Timer works with Triggers and Actions to automatically archive
    assets that have expired
  • These are just a few of the many possibilities that come standard with WebNative Suite. For customers with unique requirements, custom Actions can be created. Any administrator comfortable with scripting or coding can create custom Actions for a specific use in the workflow. Start using Triggers and Actions, and increase productivity today.

    Standard Actions

  • Archive
  • Compare
  • Copy
  • Email
  • Inherit Parent Metadata
  • Make Version
  • Move
  • Move Tree
  • PDF Convert
  • Print
  • Remove
  • Set Data Field
  • Transfer File


  • Automate routine tasks in the WebNative Suite workflow, whether simple or complex, using Triggers that initiate one or more Actions

  • Use built-in Actions to automate tasks

  • Combine multiple Actions to set forth a chain of events

  • Create custom Actions that support your unique workflow

  • Initiate Actions from changes in the metadata


    Increase efficiency and decrease the costs associated with repetitive manual work by automating tasks in the workflow.


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