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Xinet® WebNative® Suite Interactive PDF provides access to native source files for any asset used in a WebNative-generated PDF.

Feature Overview

The Interactive PDF feature allows WebNative Suite users to create PDF documents that contain dynamic links to the original assets on your WebNative Suite server. With internet access and a WebNative Suite login, recipients of these files can click on any asset within the PDF and be directed to the chosen asset on the server. Once logged into WebNative Suite, PDF recipients can download assets, view and modify metadata, and otherwise work with these files as their user permissions allow.


Generate Interactive PDF Files

Interactive PDF files are quick to create. By simply exporting an Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress document to a preconfigured print queue, an Interactive PDF can be quickly generated, easily saved to a server location specified within the print queue, and freely distributed as needed. The resulting PDF offers images that serve as interactive links back to the WebNative Suite server, providing centralized access to assets for authorized users.


Interactive PDF: Mousing over an image reveals the server location for each
asset in the file, and clicking on the image provides quick access to the server.


Access Source Files from an Interactive PDF

Interactive PDF documents provide a fast, efficient way for WebNative Suite users to access original assets on a centralized WebNative Suite server from anywhere in the world.

Clicking on an interactive image in a PDF file directs the user right to the chosen asset on the WebNative Suite server. If the user is not already logged into WebNative Suite, authentication is required for secure and convenient access.

With proper access and permissions, an asset can be downloaded or viewed, metadata can be updated, or the file can be otherwise worked with as needed. Expired assets will not be usable when the Asset Timer feature of WebNative Suite is used.


File Information View in WebNative Suite: The image selected in the Interactive PDF is displayed in WebNative Suite, shown here, and is available for use or modifications by authorized users.


Create Interactive PDFs using Preconfigured Print Queues

Establishing a method for WebNative Suite users to generate Interactive PDF documents is done by an administrator through unique print queues configured specifically for this purpose.

After a print queue is configured to create Interactive PDF files, any user with the Annotator plug-in for InDesign or the Annotator XTension for QuarkXPress can print, export or upload directly to this print queue to create Interactive PDF files.



  • Create Interactive PDF files by uploading or exporting an InDesign or Quark document to a preconfigured PDF print queue

  • Click on images in Interactive PDF files to view assets on the WebNative server from any web browser


  • View WebNative file information, including metadata, for any image within an Interactive PDF

  • Save time and resources by centralizing asset location—eliminating the need to distribute assets via email, FTP, CD or any other method

  • Once in the WebNative view, work with all WebNative tools to:

  • View or update metadata

  • Open the source file for quick touch ups using the
    Contextual Menu

  • Identify other documents that contain the same asset using the Linked Files Viewer

  • Repurpose the image with modifications using Custom
    Image Order

  • Access other standard WebNative tools and features

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