"It's a great pragmatic solution that delivers real results."

The Marketing Store, Steve Dennis


"Our teams and our partners have access to this 24/7 so they can now download what they need at any time. It saves days and shipping fees, customs problems, everything."

Young & Rubicam, Kathy Dzielak


"In one department alone, where we just catalog images, we will save 4,000 man hours by next year."

Macy's, Shani Schechter


"It's probably one of the best moves we made, buying WebNative. It's one of those things, that if I could, I would keep it a secret from our competitors."

Zebra, Paul Samuels

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"Custom Image order has been a miracle. Users can create different versions of the assets in our library for different projects—such as Powerpoint presentations, websites, and so on—and they can create them easily and quickly with this tool. People are downloading images directly to their desktop in mere seconds, such as PNG files with transparency from clipping path EPS files, which they used to do manually. That is saving untold amounts of time.”

-David Barron, Wilson Sporting Goods

Xinet® WebNative® Custom Image Order allows users to download a customized version of any image on the server to their desktop—without the need for client-side software.

Feature Overview

Having the ability to quickly repurpose images, such as modifying print artwork for use on a website or PowerPoint presentation, is a proven advantage in today’s design environment. A standard WebNative Suite feature, Custom Image Order is the Xinet solution for simple, time-efficient image repurposing, and can be used by local and remote users alike.


Repurpose Images Quickly and Efficiently

With Custom Image Order, approved users can create new assets from high resolution artwork on the server. Cropping, switching color space, selecting a new file type­—changes like these can be made in seconds, right from a web browser from anywhere in the world.

This simple user interface contains a variety of options for image customization. Upon making selections, one click will automatically download a custom image to the user’s desktop. And, because Custom Image Order delivers a copy of the file, you can be confident that the original asset will be left intact.


User Interface for Custom Image Order: All customization options are available in one intuitive window. A customized version of the original asset is shown on the right.


Convert Multiple Images

When several assets need to be converted using the same parameters, such as changing color space or enabling ICC color correction, users save time with the WebNative Suite shopping basket.


WebNative Suite Shopping Basket: These images are selected for
batch conversion with uniform custom parameters.


After adding multiple images to the basket, selections are made within
the simple interface below for batch customization, and one click will conveniently download a folder to the user’s desktop containing all repurposed images at once.


User Interface for Batch Customization: All customization options are
available in one window.


As with single-image repurposing, the original assets are left untouched.


To repurpose images users can:

  • Crop the image

  • Modify width and height

  • Change resolution

  • Scale image size to a percentage of original size

  • Select a new file format— GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF or EPS—with a variety of image quality settings

  • Convert using ICC Color Correction profiles

  • Switch between CMYK, RGB, LAB, grayscale color spaces

  • Apply Unsharp Masking

  • Remove clipping paths/masks

  • Use the shopping basket to repurpose multiple images in one batch


  • Repurpose an existing image without the use of client-side software

  • Work with images from any location­—local or remote

  • Process image conversion requests more quickly, saving un-billable studio time