"It's a great pragmatic solution that delivers real results."

The Marketing Store, Steve Dennis


"Our teams and our partners have access to this 24/7 so they can now download what they need at any time. It saves days and shipping fees, customs problems, everything."

Young & Rubicam, Kathy Dzielak


"In one department alone, where we just catalog images, we will save 4,000 man hours by next year."

Macy's, Shani Schechter


"It's probably one of the best moves we made, buying WebNative. It's one of those things, that if I could, I would keep it a secret from our competitors."

Zebra, Paul Samuels

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Digital Asset Management Tools

Tools and features to streamline your workflow    Download Overview


Xinet® WebNative® Suite features many tools that automate production and creative workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. Some of the most significant ones are briefly described here.


Adobe Integration

Boost productivity in your unique workflow with seamless integration of WebNative Suite and Adobe Creative Suite.

WebNative Suite users who also use Adobe products can preview native Adobe files, view file information, access assets, and more—from any web browser, anywhere in the world. Additionally, with a series of WebNative Suite plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, users enjoy the benefits of faster searching and placement of assets, easier collaboration with off-site contributors, and a streamlined approval process. WebNative Suite and Adobe CS, together, enhance your production workflow.



Enhance remote collaboration during reviews by centralizing document mark-up with Annotations.

The Annotations feature facilitates efficiency throughout the review process—for local and off-site users—by offering a simple, centralized method for providing review comments. Every reviewer with proper permissions is able to comment on the same, centrally located document, while viewing comments made by other reviewers. Simplify participation and save time during review cycles with Annotations.


Asset Browser

Speed productivity and increase accuracy throughout the workflow with integrated annotations.

This feature allows local and remote designers to place assets and the metadata associated with them directly into layout files, without ever leaving the layout application—automating layout, placement and formatting. For production users, it saves time and increases accuracy during review cycles by importing Annotations as layers directly into source files.


Asset Timer

Reduce accidental use of expired assets and manage usage rights more easily with Asset Timer.

Digital rights management with Asset Timer simplifies control of asset usage. By assigning start and end dates to individual assets, administrators ensure which assets can be viewed or downloaded by WebNative Suite users, and which cannot—eliminating the need for complicated document check-in/check-out systems. With Asset Timer, a flag can warn designers of impending expirations, assets can be filtered by availability, and expired assets can be hidden, flagged or watermarked. Asset Timer controls asset availability—right down to the minute.


Contextual Menu

Increase productivity in design studios by providing quick access to assets for fast, last minute changes.

This WebNative Suite plug-in adds new options to Apple’s contextual menu to help users quickly locate files for last minute touch-ups. By simply right-clicking on a file preview from a web browser, new contextual menu options enable WebNative Suite users to open or reveal the location of any asset in that file on the server, without navigating through the volume. Don’t waste time searching—find your assets fast with Contextual Menu.


Custom Image Order

Repurpose images in seconds, remotely or on-site, without the need for client-side image-editing software or graphic design skills.

Custom Image Order is the tool that allows WebNative Suite users to modify images by cropping, re-sizing, scaling, converting color profiles and more. This tool automatically downloads a version of an existing high resolution image from the WebNative Suite server to a user’s desktop for modification, leaving the original file untouched. Using the shopping basket, multiple images that require the same customizations can be repurposed all at once, saving valuable time. Let your assets serve a new purpose with Custom Image Order.


Interactive PDF

Create PDF documents that contain interactive links to original assets on the WebNative Suite server.

PDF files with interactive links are created by simply exporting an InDesign or QuarkXPress document to a preconfigured print queue. Once created, the resulting PDF file can be distributed to WebNative Suite users worldwide, and with a single click, the interactive links offer secure access to the original assets for modifications as needed. With Interactive PDF, asset access is a click away.


Linked Files and Containing Documents

Save time searching for files that contain a common asset, or identifying assets used in multiple documents.

The Linked Files and Containing Documents features offer a visual representation of all the files in which an asset is currently being used, and all the assets within a particular file—while providing easy access for quick edits or modifications. This feature makes tasks, such as changing a corporate logo, or updating many pages of a website, quicker and more accurate. These features track asset usage, so you don’t have to.


PDF Image Replacement

Automate the image replacement process—whether FPO, high resolution, or a mixture of the two—while preserving transparency features in InDesign documents.

This feature offers a reliable way for off-site production users working primarily with FPO images to generate PDF documents in which special effects that modify an image, such as transparency, have been preserved. Add PDF Image Replacement to remote workflows for simple and efficient image exchange.


Picture Wrangler

Boost efficiency with fast relinking from FPO to high-resolution images in complex page layouts.

When relinking images to high-resolution assets on the server, designers, retouchers, and layout operators will appreciate this simple, highly efficient tool. Designed as a plug-in for InDesign and Quark XPress, Picture Wrangler eliminates the tedious task of locating and relinking images one by one. See a dramatic difference in the speed at which operators can handle complex layouts with this simple but powerful tool.



More options for quicker results.

A powerful search engine finds the results you are interested in. The simple interface allows you to view the results and determine if you have found the correct item. And finally, a set of easy-to-use tools allows you to look for items that are similar, or related to, your search results in case your search has led near, but not directly to, the item that is desired.


Triggers and Actions

Increase efficiency in the workflow with time-saving workflow automation.

Triggers and Actions boosts productivity with simple, automated management of repetitive, manual tasks. This versatile feature lets you initiate actions in the WebNative Suite database or file system to automate simple or complex workflows. Individual tasks like sending email notification of approved assets, entering metadata into a file, or electronically archiving a completed job folder, are handled automatically by WebNative Suite - any time, day or night.



Expedite workflows and eliminate the lag time for off-site files with Uploader.

This desktop application—standard with WebNative Suite—allows designers, photographers and other off-site contractors to upload deliverables to your WebNative Suite server without granting them direct access to your site. Each Uploader can be configured by an administrator to require metadata prior to upload, restrict location of file delivery, send email notification of file receipt, and more. A secure and simple method of transporting files, the Uploader delivers.



Standardize the creation and management of multiple file versions to enhance productivity and reduce error.

This feature automatically saves file versions of in-process documents: without the need for complicated file naming conventions, without overwriting the original document, without granting access to older file versions to unapproved users—unless you want to. You set the parameters for automation—and WebNative Suite does the rest.


Video Reel Generator

Generate video decks, agency reels and more—in-house—and eliminate unnecessary overhead.

Stop outsourcing simple projects like video reels, and start making them in-house with the Video Reel Generator. This flexible, easy-to-use feature comes standard with WebNative Suite, and requires no additional digital asset software, training or expertise. Repurpose existing assets to generate reels, and take greater control of the time and cost associated with outsourcing.


XMP Integration

Enhance productivity and trigger workflow automation with XMP metadata.

WebNative Suite makes Adobe XMP metadata available to users worldwide by automatically reading and enabling its editing for any Adobe file, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Bridge—even for users without access to the source files. Users can view set metadata in their native applications, search it in the database, and view and set it directly from a web browser. Automatic metadata handling comes standard with WebNative Suite.