"It's a great pragmatic solution that delivers real results."

The Marketing Store, Steve Dennis


"Our teams and our partners have access to this 24/7 so they can now download what they need at any time. It saves days and shipping fees, customs problems, everything."

Young & Rubicam, Kathy Dzielak


"In one department alone, where we just catalog images, we will save 4,000 man hours by next year."

Macy's, Shani Schechter


"It's probably one of the best moves we made, buying WebNative. It's one of those things, that if I could, I would keep it a secret from our competitors."

Zebra, Paul Samuels

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Complete Production Workflow Software

Workhorse server automates prepress tasks

Xinet® WebNative®Suite provides secure, remote access to server-based digital assets and creates an efficient workflow with a range of digital asset management tools. A subset of digital asset management is media asset management. Animations, videos and music are examples of media assets that can be retrieved, repurposed and distributed anywhere, at any time, throughout the production cycle.

WebNative Suite supports media in many file types for any workflow, in every environment. It's a solution that simplifies the upload, access and distribution of multimedia assets, with metadata powered tools that truly streamline the production process.

Through print queues and hot folders, WebNative Suite moves for-approval or final documents through any number of prepress protocols on demand, then forwards them to production partners, printers or on to archive.

Use WebNative Suite in the production workflow to:

  • Access, store, organize and distribute illustrations, photographs, documents, videos and other digital assets from one central location. WebNative Suite supports over 80 professional image and document formats, providing a visual database of multimedia assets.

  • Collaborate with off-site partners and creatives by securely and simultaneously sharing files from any web browser. Receive deliverables directly to your server without granting outside access to your site; retouch assets quickly and easily, and more.

  • Automate your unique workflow according to your business rules. Create custom triggers to automatically notify team members of job status changes, generate and distribute proofs, move approved files from one job folder to another, and more.

  • Retouch images with secure, easy access to original assets on the WebNative Suite server through Interactive PDF files.

  • Standardize ICC profiles for your workflow and ensure color control.

  • Integrate WebNative Suite with other JDF-driven systems and devices, any PDF or PostScript RIP, or any MIS accounting system for a seamless, end-to-end production workflow.

Digital asset management with WebNative Suite saves you time by automating production tasks to make your team more efficient.