Macy's New York Uses Xinet WebNative Suite and Saves

Macy’s chose Xinet® WebNative® Suite to create an image library of thousands of images that photographers, art directors, copywriters, image librarians, and buyers in different locations could access, and is now reaping huge rewards with its system.


Shani Schechter
Macy’s East
Advertex Communications

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“We’re saving tons of man hours. In one department alone, where we just catalog images, we will save 4,000 man hours by next year,” said Shani Schechter, End User Support Manager, Macy’s New York.

When Macy’s was shopping for a digital asset management solution, they knew they had to have a system with an integrated database.

“When I came to Macy’s two years ago, the workflow was struggling because we had a tremendous number of images,” Schechter said. “We were looking for an enterprise asset management system that had database like WebNative Venture, and we didn’t find it anywhere else.”

Macy’s currently houses 100,000 images on its server for the dozens of photographers, art directors, image librarians, copywriters and buyers at different locations who need simultaneous access.

“We have photographers who shoot the photographs in one location, art directors who pick up the photographs in another, an image librarian who is cataloging them, copy writers who are looking at those pictures, and buyers who are proofing those same ads. And they are all in different locations,” Schechter said. “In the past, before Xinet, it was very difficult to get everybody on the same page at the same time. Now with WebNative

Publications textSuite, we are able to get everybody to look at the same product at the same time in 20 different locations if need be.”

In an industry as competitive as retail, every saved minute of production time means the department store is one minute closer to bringing in a customer.

“Retail is a fast-paced environment and we need to be able to get our ads and direct-mail pieces out on time. Everything is time-sensitive and time-crucial,” Schechter said. “If we can save an hour or two in the workflow, wherever it might be—to get a picture to an art director faster, or so a buyer can double-check an ad to make sure that it looks correct onscreen, if we can get it to press faster, we can get it to your door faster—that means maybe you’ll come in and get a good buy.”