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Xinet WebNative is Hub of Ad Workflow at Retail
Retailers earn bigger pay days with later-close circulars and ads

For department store chains, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and catalog marketers, the tighter the close of an ad, circular or catalog page the tighter the inventory-to-pricing ratio can be. Xinet® WebNative® Suite makes it possible to change product or pricing in retail advertising right up till the last minute by cutting time in creative and production, and by making it possible to read inventory and pricing data directly to the digital asset management system that holds a retailer’s live copy and graphic materials.

Xinet makes retail advertising and brand management simple and keeps cost of distributing digital assets low. Here’s how:

  • Creative vendors – photographers, illustrators – upload work directly to the DAM system, making access to images immediate to division managers, merchandisers, creative directors and designers.
  • Merchandising and design teams on different floors or in different cities can access the same material live via the Internet.
  • Brand and image consistency is easy to maintain through sophisticated linked file views and relinking features.
  • Management can view native file images and documents via web browser without having native applications on their desktop.
  • Merchandisers view and download images off the network or through password-protected Web sites accessible from any location.
  • Anyone who can open a web browser can have 24/7 access to image libraries and job folders from any location, to review and approve projects.
  • Email notification of job status is automated with the click of a metadata-powered button.
  • Final output to publication-ready PDF or TIFF formats can be automated on approval and delivered directly to press.

Learn more about technical requirements, tools to accelerate workflow, and the benefits of using WebNative Suite.