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Deliver Timely Content with WebNative Suite

With increasing pressure to deliver more timely content, to meet press deadlines with precision, and to eliminate redundant labor, magazine publishers need a flexible and efficient asset management system that not only enhances the editorial production workflow, but delivers immediate return on investment.

The digital asset management system of choice for dozens of newspapers, newsweeklies and glossy magazines worldwide – including Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated – is Xinet® WebNative® Suite. This system not only receives, catalogs and serves as the distribution center for live images and page documents, it also automates processes in the established editorial production workflow:

  • Freelance photographers and graphic artists – writers, too – upload assignments to Xinet WebNative Suite via Uploader, a drag-and-drop application that ingests custom metadata along with files.
  • Metadata “triggers” instantly notify editors and page designers that freelance submissions are in the workflow and available to review or download as high-resolution or low-resolution/FPO files.
  • Copy desk, layout, and production departments collaborate via browser-based interface on layouts, accessing high-res and low-res versions of files and documents simultaneously.
  • Interactive PDF proofs give editors quick access to page elements, including historical review of previous or simultaneous image use.
  • Advertisers submit materials via Uploader in PDF or TIFF/IT formats.
  • Print material is automatically repurposed for website content.
  • Archived content previews are searchable via Xinet WebNative Suite browser interface whether nearline or offline – making reprint materials easier to locate.

Learn more about technical requirements, tools to accelerate workflow, and the benefits of using WebNative Suite.