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Hachette Fujingaho Boosts Efficiency of Magazine Production with Xinet WebNative

Hachette Fujingaho, a subsidiary of Lagardère Active in Japan, first made its mark on the Japanese publishing world in 1989 with the launch of the Japanese edition of ELLE magazine.


Fuyuki Ban
General Manager of Production


Today, Hachette Fujingaho is one of the leading magazine publishers in Japan, most notably in the upscale magazine segment, housing well-known brands including ELLE, Fujingaho, 25ans and MEN’s CLUB.

As general manager of the production department, Fuyuki Ban oversees magazine production from prepress through print production. With the department accessing an average of 20,000 images a month, Mr. Ban initially sought a simple storage solution to automate and streamline the production process. At the time, the company utilized many external designers and most of their file transfers were done via manual FTP, a labor intensive and slow process. The designers had to download the files from the server, complete editing or production work on their local machine, and then upload all of the data back to the server. After learning more about the benefits of digital asset management in general and the Xinet® system in particular from Japanese Xinet integrator VPJ, Mr. Ban realized how valuable a robust digital asset management system would be to their magazine production process.

Today, the WebNative® system is used for internal prepress management as well as data management for all Hachette Fujingaho publications. Images are uploaded directly to the server, providing immediate access for designers to quickly download assets, produce layouts, and upload them back to the system.

“By using WebNative, Hachette Fujingaho has improved the efficiency of our production process and we have really seen a return on investment.” Fuyuki Ban, General Manager of Production
With features that allow image drag-and-drop directly from a browser to a layout document, production has grown more efficient for the designers and the production team.

The WebNative system has not only accelerated the production process, it has also simplified file tracking to ensure correct file usage. With versioning control, a previous version of any asset that is in the process of being copied or edited is made inaccessible for other WebNative users. Control like this reduces miscommunication and file misuse during production, and ensures that designers are using the most up-to-date versions at all times.

“With the Xinet solution, we have definitely seen less overtime. By using WebNative, Hachette Fujingaho has improved the efficiency of our production process and we have really seen a return on investment,” said Mr. Ban. “I look forward to learning and utilizing more of the different functionalities within Xinet WebNative.”