Worldcolor Uses Xinet for Global DAM

Worldcolor is a provider of marketing and advertising solutions to retailers, catalogers and branded-goods companies, as well as a full-service print solutions provider for publishers. The company needed an enterprise strength digital asset management solution to give its worldwide customers online access 24/7 to their digital assets to view, approve, download and repurpose images.


Scott Pellicone

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After researching a number of industry standard solutions, Worldcolor implemented Xinet® WebNative®, Suite to easily create customized, co-branded websites for clients in the magazine, catalog, book, direct mail and commercial print markets.

Today, Worldcolor delivers its services globally from a North American presence, reaching into previously untapped markets. The company’s publishing partners now view and share their assets via the Internet, sharing their digital assets internationaly from remote locations throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

“WebNative Suite reinvented how Worldcolor does business and how it interacts with clients. Being able to re-deploy digital assets on a global arena is definitely the way to go especially for a global company,” said Scott Pellicone, formerly vice president of business development at Worldcolor Premedia.

“Worldcolor had the opportunity to experiment with a number of different applications which pretty much ran the gamut from digital asset and content management through workflow and electronic delivery, and there was nothing on the market better than WebNative Suite for interfacing with customers,” explained Pellicone. “It’s real-time, with images available immediately, whereby other web-based systems are extremely dependent on their databases to operate, are cumbersome to use, and are not easily customized.”

Worldcolor further automated their workflow by embracing the Triggers and Actions feature. With Triggers and Actions, any change to metadata values in the database can initiate one or more actions, such as automated email notification, final output generation and archiving, to name a few. Anything from file delivery to digital rights management and image expiration can be scripted using this clever feature.

“The beauty of Triggers and Actions is that you can do almost anything to the file system,” said Pellicone. “Triggers and Actions enabled Worldcolor to share its technology resources across its printing and premedia platforms,

to level work loads, to work remotely, and allows customers to work remotely as well. It is also a huge factor in the company’s business interruption and disaster recovery plan. If you’re not able to access a building, you can still access the files and deliver them to other plants that run a parallel workflow.”

WebNative Suite’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to transcend language and time zone barriers, according to Pellicone, who had used the soluiton to create branded websites for clients in each market segment.

“For magazine and catalog clients, we were able to display their digital assets in one fashion, while for commercial and retail, we could present their data in another way entirely,” Pellicone explained. “When customers see a web interface that is branded to their corporate identify, how can they resist? Instant credibility.”

This solution creates a seamless collaborative workflow that reaches across the continent and globe. For example, Worldcolor can do image capture in New York, color and retouching in Los Angeles, page assembly in St. Louis, and finally proof the files back in New York, where the customer is located.

“It didn’t make sense to ship high resolution data all over the country when everyone could simply log into WebNative Suite from any browser and access the work in progress remotely,” Pellicone said.