Tapestry Impresses Customers with Robust DAM System

Since it opened in the early 1970s, Tapestry has become a leading media production agency in the UK. Based in London, the agency specializes in advertising prepress, creative retouching, photography services and video editing. Other specialties include packaging artwork and prepress under the “Brand Images Packaging” name, and publishing prepress under the “Imaging MM” name. Tapestry’s wide roster of customers includes such multi-national brands as Electronic Arts, Sony Computer, Mars Incorporated, Kallo Foods, and Alfred Dunhill.

  Steve Butler, Tapestry

Steve Butler


With today’s economic and global marketing needs, Tapestry knew that its customers required expedited production cycles and efficient management of their expanding digital assets. Xinet® WebNative® Suite was brought into Tapestry to help the agency with internal production and archiving, and to provide clients with an enterprise-level digital asset management (DAM) system that would enable them to track, approve, budget and deliver all their marketing collateral from one central location. WebNative Suite provides the central backbone of Symphony, Tapestry’s workflow, MIS and DAM web portal.

“Before WebNative Suite, we had an email-based workflow, which meant sending every file back and forth to our customers. Now, instead of sending an email every time they need an asset, customers can access their files immediately by logging into the system. With Triggers and Actions, it’s much easier to get files approved; we send our customers an email link notifying them that a file has been uploaded and they review it directly on the server. We don’t have to worry about duplicate files because they review, edit and make comments in one central document,” said Steve Butler, technical development manager at Tapestry.

With WebNative Suite, Tapestry easily coordinates advertising production for clients, including large customers such as Mars Incorporated. On any advertisement, Mars, its advertising agency, and Tapestry all log into the Symphony system to see the media schedule. Tapestry collects all the elements for the master file through the Xinet Uploader, produces the advertisement for publication and uploads the PDF to the system for soft proofing. Only one hard copy is made, as there is no need to make continuous proofs for all the different size changes. Just by using WebNative Suite in the review process, Tapestry is saving time and effort, while also reducing room for error.

“WebNative Suite pretty much paid for itself. As an enterprise DAM system, it's a solution that has helped us improve client interaction, increase efficiency and bring in revenue." Steve Butler, Technical Development Manager

In addition, Tapestry offers hosted DAM sites for customers like Alfred Dunhill. The high-end retailer has many stores worldwide—including the UK, United States and Hong Kong—with information that needs to be shared across all locations. The stores wanted direct access to details like point-of-sale items, store window displays and store layout configurations, and Tapestry built Alfred Dunhill’s internal asset management website using WebNative Suite as the core. All files are uploaded to the site, providing every location with immediate 24/7 access. Additionally, Tapestry re-branded the site to fit Alfred Dunhill’s corporate look and feel, and added mailing list functionality to notify their stores when new updates are available.

Said Butler, “Overall, we found that WebNative Suite pretty much paid for itself. As an enterprise DAM system, it’s a solution that has helped us improve client interaction, increase efficiency, and bring in revenue.”