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Media Asset Management Services - Speeding Production Increases Profit

Successful printers and prepress production houses know that in order to stay competitive, they need to offer prepress services that are efficient, easy to use, and cost effective. That's why top commercial printers and prepress facilities, both large and small, rely on the Xinet® WebNative® Suite to streamline production, increase profits and offer asset management services to their customers.

In fact, seven of the 10 top commerical printers in North America already use Xinet WebNative Suite.

By giving clients access to their jobs and artwork via a web-based interface, printing and prepress professionals benefit from shortened job approval cycles, elimination of courier costs, and more frequent reuse/repurpose orders.

And, managing each customer's assets helps ensure longer-term client retention.

Looking for a pure PDF workflow? Xinet WebNative Suite offers a complete solution that makes it possible to traffic one PDF file from low-res approval stage through to high-res print-ready output without losing the integrity of transparencies, type or any graphic component.

To envision how Xinet WebNative Suite works in the printing and prepress environment, consider these features:

  • Customers upload job files, documents and loose art directly to WebNative sites via the Xinet Uploader application.
  • Metadata-powered “Triggers and Actions notify estimating and prepress personnel of job arrival.
  • Sophisticated tools automate customization of graphic file size and format.
  • High-resolution and low-resolution versions of graphics are available simultaneously.
  • Contextual menus within native documents allow automatic relinking to updated high-res graphics.
  • Interactive PDF soft proofs can be automatically distributed to clients for approval.
  • Final output spools to any PostScript or PDF RIP via print queue, eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing devices.
  • Workload balance between office, plants is easy to achieve through the Xinet WebNative Suite.

Learn more about technical requirements, tools to accelerate workflow, and the benefits of using WebNative Suite.