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Easy-to-Use WebNative Suite
is the Obvious Choice for FMG

FMG is a creative and production agency that has become a leader in the UK for design, conception, production and delivery of print, digital and video media. With high-profile clients such as Disney, Hachette Filipacchi, Haymarket Media Group, and Sears, FMG is always busy—the agency produces around 3,000 PDFs a day; 60,000 PDFs a month, and has about six jobs going on at any one time.


Ramesh Patel


Prior to installing Xinet® WebNative® Suite, FMG had an OPI system but never a digital asset management (DAM) system. After doing initial research into other DAM systems, the company chose Xinet because of its robust, reliable, easy-to-use solution.

“The simplicity is the most important aspect of the Xinet system; you can actually use it. It’s not going to cause you any major problems—creating users is really easy, setting up and distributing assets is really easy, and the administrative side is easy,” said Ramesh Patel, chief technology officer at FMG.

The two most significant ways FMG utilizes WebNative Suite are for downloading FPOs, and archiving and retrieving assets. The agency’s clients produce a large number of files, so having the ability to download low-resolution photos is important. Additionally, many clients have syndicated columns in other countries and need to syndicate and disperse their assets globally. For example, Autocar magazine is syndicated in Japan and India. A publisher in India who paid a license fee for the brand may be allowed to download the master files off the server so they can localize the content. Downloads can be initiated globally and instantaneously—to such an extent that users regularly download up to two terabytes every month.

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It is also vital that FMG be able to search through archived data to find images. With a 450-page library, they are able to hold content for clients for up to two years so that clients can access images they want to re-use.

“It would have been near impossible to do this without WebNative Suite because you would have to look through hundreds of CDs. I think on average there are about 200 gigabytes of changes a day on the server. Tracking that level of data manually is simply unthinkable,” said Patel.

Patel continued, “A lot of other DAM systems are very complicated, and that complication causes all sorts of issues. Rolling out WebNative was easy because its elegant engineering made it easy to administer—and that is its brilliance.”