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Rohm and Haas Gains ROI with Xinet WebNative

Philadelphia-based Rohm and Haas Company, a $8 billion specialty chemicals company with 100 sites in 27 countries, needed one location for its 17,000 employees to store, organize and access tens of thousands of digital and hard assets.


Alan Friedlander
Rohm and Haas Company

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“Since we’ve implemented the Xinet® solution, we’ve basically eliminated all of our hard assets. Whether they are slides, stills or any other items we use in production, they’re all scanned and in the asset management system. Now they are all readily available in the Xinet system, and it is being used every day by employees all over the world,” said Alan Friedlander, Multimedia Manager, Rohm and Haas Company.

“The beauty of the Xinet enterprise solution is the fact there are tens of thousands of images within the system and each one has metadata attached to it. This allows anybody in the world to do a key word search and find their specific image for their presentations, allowing them to do their job better.

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“The return on investment using the Xinet solution has been huge. Just the idea of not having a dedicated person that needs to control the assets is spectacular. Everybody is in control, everybody works with it, and all I hear is praise from the users.”