Husqvarna Secures Brand Identity with Xinet Suite

Husqvarna is the world's largest manufacturer of outdoor power products for consumers and professional users, including chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. Their products are sold via dealers and retailers in more than 100 countries. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company has more than 15,000 employees.

With catalogs produced in 33 languages and graphic assets variously located at headquarters and across offices worldwide, the company found they spent too much time distributing and downloading high resolution files, with little control over previous artwork use or color accuracy throughout their images and catalogs. Husqvarna needed to improve file control in order to provide more efficient access and easier image management.

Xinet integrator, Network Innovation and prepress agency Laholms Lito were brought in to develop a new workflow and system together with Husqvarna that integrated with the company's existing marketing and imaging systems. Today, Xinet Suite is at the core of both Husqvarna's workflow production system, called PDAM, which Laholms Lito provides, and the Marketing Activity Planner (MAP), which is hosted within Husqvarna and linked to the PDAM.

With Xinet Suite and its metadata-driven workflow, users easily search for and find the exact files they need, then download files for translation and processing. An order for needed materials is submitted, checked, and once approved, goes to print. Tools like Linked Files and Containing Documents give a visual representation of where and how often an asset or document has been used, allowing the graphics department to control how approved artwork is used.

“We have regional marketing managers that determine what countries should have access to what material because we have different ranges of products in every country. They log into the system, view all centrally produced material and templates for ads, posters, etc. and select what they want to work with in each country. We can guarantee that they have the latest images and that the color will look the same wherever they’re printed."

“If someone in Spain, for example, wanted to use a certain image, they can search in the PDAM and find that image; they don’t have to go to their agency every time they want to create something,” says Hannes Lokko, senior graphics advisor at Husqvarna.

Lokko is confident that Husqvarna will be expanding Xinet Suite in the near future to branch offices worldwide. “Obviously it was important to choose an easy-to-use, open system that can grow with our needs, which is why Xinet is our system. of choice Our goal for the future is to roll the system out to our branch offices so they will also have direct access to the most current marketing materials, campaign collateral and other images. We want every market to be brand compliant."