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“We were looking for an enterprise asset management system that had a database like WebNative Venture, and we didn’t find it anywhere else.’

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A Global DAM Solution

Secure and scalable, Xinet WebNative meets Enterprise demands

The feature-rich digital asset management and workflow automation platform that Xinet® engineers have developed over the past 15 years is in place as an enterprise solution at dozens of companies including Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Erickson, Rohm and Haas, and Macy’s. These organizations also insist on a flexible and scalable platform that meets security and regulatory requirements.

Growing a Xinet WebNative® site is as easy as adding servers. With Xinet WebNative Portal as a dashboard, users can search across volumes throughout the enterprise and around the globe. Users or user groups can be granted permission to view, download, append or change files quickly and easily, then the files they create or update are logged by the system for later audit.

The WebNative Suite is enterprise-ready:

  • Auditable authentication through LDAP, Active Directory and OpenDirectory.
  • Scalability as easy as adding servers locally or in offices across the globe: Xinet WebNative Portal recognizes every asset on the network regardless of location online, nearline or offline.
  • Flexibility to integrate with CRM, ERP and MIS systems; production workflow software; all PostScript and PDF RIPs.
  • Xinet WebNative Portal provides a layer of security that can be configured to maximize the functionality of enterprise DAM.