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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


Y&R Brands Saves Money with Xinet WebNative Suite

Landmark Chicago advertising agency Young & Rubicam, ranked by Advertising Age as one of the world’s largest agencies, chose Xinet® WebNative® Suite to give its clients, prepress vendors, agency marketing and account departments access to digital assets, and saved thousands of dollars in fulfillment work.

Examples of the blue-chip brands managed by Young & Rubicam Brands, an umbrella agency for marketing services providers such as the advertising agency Y&R and direct marketer Wunderman, include Burger King, Chevron, and Sears.

Young & Rubicam Brands’ clients navigate a database of online folders and files using WebNative Suite from any web browser to access and browse thumbnail versions of their branded assets and to download images.



Kathy Dzielak
Young & Rubicam Brands

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Steve Gleason
Young & Rubicam Brands

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“Xinet has saved the equivalent of two people on my staff who used to have to do that kind of fulfillment work of finding and distributing assets. Now it’s self service for the clients,” said Steve Gleason, vice president of Studio Services, Young & Rubicam Brands.

“Xinet has allowed us to get very enmeshed with our clients. In the agency environment with the high turnover rate that you have with clients, ‘the client churn,’ we are making it harder for our clients to disengage from us,” Gleason said. “Our bigger clients are very vocal about how much they enjoy working with our studio environment, and how we are able to be so responsive to them. We couldn’t be as responsive if we didn’t have the Xinet solution.”

Additionally, clients like the fact that WebNative Portal gives them access to their digital assets, but keeps their assets secure within a firewall.

“The big advantage of Portal for us is being able to generate different user interfaces for different constituencies, while satisfying the IT requirement that the files exist inside the firewall,” Gleason said. “It’s just proxy access with a display layer, so the clients are happy, and we are able to again use the same files different ways with different users and narrow down their experience so they just get what they want.”

Another benefit of WebNative Suite for Young & Rubicam Brands is it gives the agency a cost-effective, reliable way to embed metadata in their assets so customers can find them later when searching with the WebNative Suite database.

Using the WebNative Suite database with Triple Triangle’s Mechanical Cubed gives the agency a single, integrated workflow for creating and maintaining mechanicals and the metadata associated with them.

The combination of Xinet and Triple Triangle eliminates the tedious task of entering metadata by instead extracting it automatically

Ad text

from Adobe InDesign documents. That metadata is then leveraged in the studio’s crop marks, slugs and mechanicals, and into the database in English word descriptions so agency clients and studio staff can easily find it.

To standardize text entry, Young & Rubicam Brands has used the Triple Triangle solution to create customer client specific slug definitions that use pull-down menus to reduce the amount of error.

“You don’t want to miss what you’re searching for because someone named it differently or described it differently. So we’ve used the same term to define it on entry and search,” said Gleason.

“Historically, there isn’t an ad agency in the world that devotes resources to maintaining current and complete metadata. Everyone uses slugs and mechanical descriptions of the jobs. That’s the kind of information you want at your fingertips when you are searching for documents and images, but that kind of info was not making it into the WebNative database,” Gleason said.

“Young & Rubicam Brands clients like the new system because it replaces all the CDs that used to be burned and shipped to them, and clients understand Young & Rubicam Brands’ file naming and folder structure so they can get what they want, when they want,” Gleason said. “We have reduced the amount of non-billable work the studio does because we’ve hooked up the Creatives, account people and clients to use the system so they can find files themselves.”