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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


TracyLocke Chooses Xinet WebNative Suite Over the Competition

With a stable of blue-chip clients like Pepsi International, 7-Eleven and Nokia, TracyLocke knows that ad agencies must invest in technology to save their clients’ money.


Fred Squeo

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That’s why one of the nation’s largest sales promotion agencies chose Xinet® WebNative® Suite over Canto Cumulus, Artesia and INSCI WebWare for its global digital asset management system.

“Speed to market and real-time marketing is where you need to be right now in the advertising industry,” said Fred Squeo, partner, director of operations and director of creative operations at TracyLocke, and general manager of N-GEN Studios, a production and digital solutions studio in the Omnicom network. “Your client is always challenging you to do things efficiently, and to explain where their marketing budget is being spent, and is it to the greatest effectiveness. We knew we had to have the technology to help us get there. That’s why we chose WebNative Suite.”

Prior to investing in Xinet, TracyLocke used Canto Cumulus, another digital asset management solution.

“We had Cumulus before we brought in the Xinet solution, which doesn’t compare. And then, during our audit of going into a new asset management system again, we looked at Artesia and WebWare. They were very good asset management systems, but they were stagnant asset management systems,” Squeo said. “Xinet offered the only product with a full end-to-end production solution.”

TracyLocke uses WebNative Suite to create and host all the advertising and promotional assets globally for Pepsi International.

“In the agency business, you need solutions that save the clients money and bring in revenue. We do that with Xinet,” Squeo said. “We use WebNative internally for our production workflow and externally to provide client solutions.”

“With today’s technology, the geography of your office means nothing. It’s the technology that you have. We are in a small suburb 45 miles outside New York City, but we service our Pepsi International client throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East,” said Squeo. “That we are managing all the assets for Pepsi International out of our server in Wilton, Connecticut, is a fact that really speaks for itself.”

Ad textSqueo says the best way to build an asset management system for a client is to first ask the client exactly what they want in a personalized digital asset management system. Then TracyLocke built the whole system according to the clients’ specifications.

“Instead of being locked into a box of an asset management system, we really noticed how viral this could get as far as branching out into other possibilities,” Squeo said.

“What we do is inquire about what the client is looking for, what their challenges are, and then we bring a simple solution with really great wallpaper, just saying, ‘This is how we could do it on the web.’

“WebNative Suite is a simple solution. It’s browser-based, which is key. Everyone is working off the server, and it has a really good engine behind it. So, people realize that they are working faster.”