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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


Xinet WebNative Suite Enables Torre Lazur McCann to Work Smarter

Torre Lazur McCann, part of McCann Healthcare Worldwide, is a healthcare advertising agency focusing on the pharmaceutical industry.


J. Duckman
Torre Lazur McCann

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A frequent recipient of Med Ad News’ “Agency of the Year” award, Torre Lazur McCann delivers impactful advertising and communications for companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. The agency chose the Xinet® WebNative® Suite as its digital asset management (DAM) system and found that the software solution helped transform the way people in the agency work.

After recognizing the need for a DAM solution, Torre Lazur McCann brought in the WebNative Suite because they considered the Xinet solution as the industry standard in DAM. Before Xinet, there wasn’t an archiving system in place, there was no cataloging, and DVDs and discs had to be burned manually.

“The WebNative Suite was more than I could have imagined; more than I thought it would be. Digital asset management to me meant managing my assets, period. When I found out that you could move files and archive, catalog, tag, and restore; have clients log in to view their assets and that it was so completely interactive our users would be able to see files they couldn’t touch from a mounted drive, it was just so much more than what I really even understood,” said Joanne Duckman, director of Production Services for Torre Lazur McCann.

WebNative Suite is not only used by the agency as a file storage solution but also for archiving, restoring, backup and organization of metadata on all its digital assets. It also enables Torre Lazur McCann to host assets for global clients.

"We're definitely working faster and we've also cut back on freelance costs. I think people are working faster so they're working better." Joanne Duckman, Director of Production ServicesAdded Duckman, “The ability to archive and tag metadata has changed our lives. The amount of time wasted on archiving and trying to catalog items we no longer need on our server was a waste of time for the workers here. Now, we simply drag files over into a folder, and it’s done – it’s cataloged and archived. Our art buying department is thrilled with what they can do with all the photography that’s coming in, from either the photographers we use or stock photography that’s ordered; it’s completely maintainable for them.”

“We’re definitely working faster and we’ve also cut back on freelance costs. I think people are working smarter so they’re working better. In the amount of time that we’ve already used this tool, we’ve already made back a lot of our money. I know we will still invest in certain tools for the Xinet system that we’re using, but I think it’s definitely paid off.”