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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


The Marketing Store Bolsters Creativity and Customer Service with Xinet WebNative Suite

The Marketing Store is one of the largest privately held integrated marketing communications companies in the world, with nearly 1000 employees in 11 offices worldwide. The Marketing Store’s clients include many of the world’s global brands. After Xinet® WebNative® Suite was implemented in 2004, it was so successful internally that the organization was able to customize it as a value-added offering called checkoutTMS.


Rob Tarpey
The Marketing Store

Prior to installing WebNative Suite, The Marketing Store experienced the common frustrations and inefficiencies familiar to agencies without digital asset management (DAM) systems. Account executives frequently requested logos, case studies, or other assets that could easily have been located had a DAM system already been in place. Instead, non-billable time had to be spent tracking them down. After providing internal agency training to bring the team up-to-speed on how WebNative Suite worked, it was rolled out agency wide. Rob Tarpey, studio manager at The Marketing Store’s Chicago office oversees the agency’s digital studio, which consists of creative execution, prepress, and multimedia operations. He is also responsible for the administration of WebNative Suite.

“WebNative Suite sits within our studio; we are the owners of the system and it really is the backbone of our digital execution process. We put the onus on our artists to enter metadata so we spend a lot of time on our metadata strategy, particularly how we input and ingest metadata at a production level. Then WebNative is the means of communication in delivery for our files,” said Tarpey.

WebNative Suite delivers all files—to clients, vendors and employees within the organization. Creatives and account executives have the flexibility to access the assets they need locally or off-site at any time. Account executives also utilize WebNative Suite to communicate with clients. If a client receives a file from anyone at The Marketing Store, they know to expect checkoutTMS links directly to their assets. With WebNative Suite, The Marketing Store was able to save the equivalent of two full time employees and the agency’s productivity and utilization are at all-time highs.

Because it proved to be such an invaluable tool, The Marketing Store expanded its usage as a hosting service for its major clients. The agency does the ongoing execution work for a large-scale global packaging rollout in 130 countries. Since The Marketing Store owned that work and maintained a good system for capturing metadata at the production level, their client is able to easily use the production files in a searchable final library. Today, The Marketing Store hosts all assets for that project, including photography, final packaging keylines, fonts, guidelines, and so on.

"It's a great pragmatic solution that delivers real results." Steve Dennis, Senior Vice President, Creative Services

In addition, WebNative Suite tools like Asset Timer and Triggers and Actions are key components that are utilized by different departments in the agency. Asset Timer has become an important part of the art buying process. Buyers enter specific metadata on usage rights, enabling the Triggers and Actions feature to send email notifications when assets are about to expire, giving team members an added awareness about usage rights. Controlling asset usage is even more important in global business. The Marketing Store also oversees one of the world’s largest CPG (consumer packaged goods) brand loyalty websites, for which photo shoots are done every year, resulting in thousands of images. The agency purchases usage rights for a certain number of photos, and creates a portal where the images can be hosted and shared externally with its client and its client’s other agency partners. Asset Timer is integral to governing the usage of those images.

“When we started using WebNative Suite, it was a shift in our mindset and it helped us see the possibilities of what you could do with digital asset management,” said Tarpey. “It solves a lot of common frustrations for us like reducing the repetitive tasks of finding and repurposing assets. It also empowers people on the account side to search and retrieve needed files themselves, which in turn, allows us in the studio to focus on more billable tasks. We’re working more efficiently by doing that.”