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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


SolutionSet Offers Clients Customized DAM Services with Xinet WebNative Suite

SolutionSet is a 400 person multi-channel, digital marketing agency that delivers integrated brand and technology solutions to companies like Adidas, AT&T, Radio Shack, and eBay. Previously known as Haggin Marketing, SolutionSet’s customer relationship management (CRM) expertise and creativity enabled it to develop integrated communications programs that provide measurable results for its clients.
  Phil O'Neil, Solution Set

Phil O'Neil

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Greg Humphrey, Solution Set

Greg Humphrey

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Many of the services that SolutionSet provides involve collecting, sharing and managing a large number of assets. The company knew that it needed a DAM system that addressed production workflow while providing assets to internal and client workgroups. The DAM system that was in place previously did not have the functionality to fully address the company and clients’ needs. After researching several DAM solutions, SolutionSet found that Xinet® WebNative® Suite was the best fit for them. Today, all six SolutionSet offices across the United States utilize WebNative Suite, with almost 2000 accounts accessing the system globally. So far, the system handles three million files and fifteen terabytes, and more are added all the time.

“Today’s economy and global marketing needs require our clients to shorten production and product go-to-market cycles which requires us to be more streamlined and utilize more automation. WebNative Suite has really increased our speed; it enabled us to bring catalogs, websites, and marketing programs to fruition faster,” said Phil O’Neil, database services administrator at SolutionSet.

Branded as ImageDeskTM, WebNative Suite enables SolutionSet to offer clients a customized DAM environment. When clients go into the system to access their assets, they enter a site tailored especially for them. The client feels like SolutionSet is integrated into their organization, in turn creating a tighter client-agency relationship.

In addition, SolutionSet found that the powerful tools within WebNative Suite also enhance production and workflows between the agency and its clients. For example, Asset Timer has been invaluable for photo and talent rights management as well as product end-of-life schedules and archiving.

"WebNative Suite has enabled us to bring catalogs, Web sites, and marketing programs to fruition faster." Phil O'Neil, Database Services AdministratorTriggers and Actions allows workers to route one document through a client to multiple offices, and multiple companies if desired, from Germany to the United States to South America and back. This has made a huge impact on workflow and meeting client expectations. With Uploader, SolutionSet gives clients and their vendors a customized, branded desktop application that allows them to upload files directly to the appropriate place on the server without maintaining separate FTP sites. And these are just a few of the WebNative Suite tools SolutionSet is using.

“I think we have seen a return on investment with our prepress and image coordination staff. We can serve more clients and more client affiliates through the WebNative system. We can provide distribution of assets faster without impacting our resources. With tools like Uploader, Linked Files Viewer and XMP Integration, WebNative Suite has really improved our efficiency,” added O’Neil.

He concluded, “Three years after our initial install, we are still realizing the benefits of WebNative Suite. It has been a tremendous contribution to meet the demands of our clients’ schedules, go-to-market programs, and campaigns.”