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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’

Gutenberg Networks    

Gutenberg Networks Reduces Costs and Builds Stronger Client Relationships with Xinet WebNative Suite

Gutenberg Networks, a subsidiary of the DDB Group, is a 500-person company headquartered in France that specializes in communications management. Working with domestic and international clients such as Carrefour, Orange, and Total, it designs, produces, and manages client communications across broadcast, web, press and print.



Laurent Garreau, Gutenberg Networks

Laurent Garreau
Gutenberg Networks

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With its communications expertise in areas of print management, photo shoots, and multi-channel content management, Gutenberg Networks prides itself on helping clients maximize their advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and digital impact. To that end, the company has invested heavily in technology to better handle its large production volumes.

Laurent Garreau, director of Information Systems at Gutenberg Networks, is tasked with overseeing the company’s IT team as well as deploying all the creative art tools. Gutenberg Networks already had Xinet® FullPress® and WebNative® before Garreau joined the company. However, Garreau and his team saw the benefit of expanding the solution’s full digital asset management capabilities and decided to deploy WebNative Suite in order to better service clients in addition to improving their production workflow.

Deployment was entrusted to Ecqualis, a French Authorized Xinet Integrator (AXI). Ecqualis had already gained Gutenberg Networks’ confidence by providing support for its Xinet system prior to the expansion of the full Suite. Working closely with the company’s IT team, they succeeded in implementing new customer services through WebNative Suite.

“We wanted our asset management solution to improve our efficiency; the full WebNative Suite was installed by Ecqualis to help us achieve a shorter production-planning schedule and reduce the cost of production. Additionally, WebNative Suite allows us to be even more responsive to our customers’ needs, which helps us build a tighter relationship with them,” said L. Garreau.

Internally, WebNative Suite is used to automate production processes and to manage all assets. Gutenberg Networks is now able to add functionality and solutions that allow the company to coordinate directly with customers and vendors on various projects. With WebNative Portal, Gutenberg Networks can customize a single point of entry to allow customers direct 24/7 access to their layout and publication content.

Gutenberg Networks

Customers and vendors alike can securely log on and browse through their specific set of assets, when given the proper permissions. With a simple keyword search, users can find the assets they need quickly—for repurposing, retouching, approvals—at any time, from anywhere.

Additionally, L. Garreau finds that tools like Custom Image Order are especially helpful for users to quickly modify or repurpose images. With Custom Image Order, a high-resolution image can be downloaded from the WebNative Suite server to an approved user’s desktop, whether local or remote. The downloaded asset can quickly be modified, leaving the original file untouched, creating a new asset from existing artwork— all without the need for additional software or training.

L. Garreau concluded, “Overall, we have been very pleased with WebNative Suite. A few months ago, we did a reevaluation of the system. We looked at other DAM solutions compared to Xinet and found that WebNative Suite was the better solution. Not only is it a well-made product, but it also allows us to build our own interfaces so we can either use the Xinet tools as is, or add on to already existing Xinet products to supply new services to our customers.”