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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


Deutsch NY Increases Profits with Xinet WebNative Suite

Deutsch New York reduced its cost and cycle time of delivering business solutions to clients while increasing its profitability with Xinet® WebNative® Suite.


Robb DeFilippis
Deutsch NY

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With clients including PNC Bank, Johnson & Johnson, and Sports Authority, Deutsch believes in a “leaner, meaner, faster approach,” said Robb DeFilippis, EVP, director of Creative Services. “We are a very creative shop. We offer a very total, integrated solution for our business partners and clients.”

WebNative Suite allows Deutsch clients to access the agency’s repository of brand assets 24/7. Through a password-protected website, users can search, view, download, upload and custom-image their files. Unlike other digital asset management systems that are outside the system looking in, Xinet’s system is fully integrated with the other system components. A sequel database that operates in the middle of the workflow, it automatically logs all asset activities. It mirrors the Xinet FullPress® server, yet is safely stored behind the firewall. Assets are made available to external users, such as clients or other offices, without security risk.

“WebNative Suite brings our clients closer to the work, and they’re always looking for that. Here at Deutsch, we pride ourselves in being innovative. And Xinet’s giving us a lot of the tools to enable us to reach that goal,” said DeFilippis.

Using Xinet WebNative Portal, Deutsch customizes its clients’ web interfaces with the digital asset repository, giving each client site a look and feel that reflected its corporate identity and, unlike FTP sites, allowed the client to see only its assets. Previously, those assets had to be downloaded, packaged and shuttled to their offices — a time-consuming and costly process. Now logos or new ads are at their fingertips at all times.

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“Xinet is extremely important to us as we pitch our services to potential clients during a business presentation, or when we present enhanced capabilities and services to an existing client,” DeFilippis said. “If a client is in need of a logo or in need of that latest ad we’ve done for them, it’s at their fingertips 24/7. They log on, they download, they’ve got it.”

“If we need to share a round of retouching with the client, if we need to get their input on a mechanical that’s being routed, we post it, it’s on WebNative. They log in. They look at it. They annotate. They make their corrections, saving time, saving money, saving countless rounds of revision, simply because they’re closer to the work.”

Thanks to the immediate access of WebNative, processes that previously had taken weeks are now accomplished in hours.

“Depending on the complexity of the job, turnaround time has been cut 30-to-100 percent, which has increased our profitability,” said DeFilippis.

Portions of this case study were excerpted from a Seybold Report article by Linda Manes Goodwin about Deutsch, Inc. and Xinet. Send an email to for the complete article.