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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’


Deutsch LA Improves Client and Intra-Agency Communication with Xinet WebNative Suite

Deutsch is a full-service advertising agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles. The Deutsch Los Angeles office has an impressive roster of clients including Volkswagen, DirecTV, Kodak and IKEA.


Bernie Santos
Deutsch L.A.

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With a team of eight people, the Deutsch L.A. production studio services the entire agency. Bernie Santos, director of studio services at Deutsch L.A., is in charge of the print studio—everything from retouching and asset management, to managing all the mechanicals needed for generating billboards, magazine ads, and newspaper ads—and he is responsible for overseeing Xinet® WebNative® Suite.

Prior to having WebNative Suite, it was difficult for the Deutsch L.A. creatives, account executives, and production staff to find the files they needed. Only a few people knew where the assets lived on the server, and they were inundated with search requests. Deutsch L.A. initially purchased WebNative Suite simply to improve its filing system; the installation also allowed the agency to evaluate how files are saved and the best way for them to be accessed. When the system rolled out, staff with access to the server found that the files they needed could be located easily and intuitively.

Deutsch L.A. is currently hosting 500 gigabytes of data, so metadata needs to be very detailed. On any given file, metadata will include the client’s initials, the image number, the year that the image was generated, and a brief description. To search for a certain asset, one only needs the image number. Additionally, searching the name of an ad will bring up all images associated with that ad, including other locations where the image has been used. For greater accessibility and efficiency, when clients request a certain file they are now able to access the images themselves, or have them easily retrieved.

WebNative Suite is also a big benefit within the studio environment. At times, art directors will access high resolution files, do their retouching directly, and hand the images off to the studio. Studio production managers are thus unable to see the retouching needs until the files are ready to be sent out, leaving them with limited time to

"WebNative Suite has been a valuable tool within our agency, and a value-added service for our clients." Bernie Santos, Director of Studio Servicesaccommodate for the retouches and fix any problems. With WebNative Suite, the studio can limit art directors’ access and require that they notify the studio before retouching assets, thereby keeping the production managers informed and prepared to address any problems.

Since Deutsch New York also has WebNative Suite, the two offices are able to collaborate quickly and easily. Using Xinet Uploaders, Deutsch L.A. can upload assets to the New York office for presentations the next day, and vice versa. If Deutsch L.A. has a new business pitch and needs sample advertising campaigns from Deutsch N.Y. clients, the New York office can upload them directly to the server for the Los Angeles office to quickly pick up.

Overall, WebNative Suite has allowed Deutsch to be more efficient and to better collaborate internally and with clients. “For us, WebNative Suite has been a valuable tool within our agency, and a value-added service for our clients.

Our clients have access to their images on our server so if they need anything, they don’t have to contact our account executives to request the image. They can literally log onto our secure server and search through the metadata to obtain the image they want. It makes for a more efficient process,” said Santos.