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“Ad agencies have realized they can make money out of asset management, so whether they charge per click or whether they charge a maintenance fee, it works for them. It’s another revenue source.’




BBDO Produces More with Xinet WebNative Suite



BBDO New York is one of the leading advertising agencies in the industry, having received several awards for its innovative work throughout the years. With Xinet® WebNative® Suite, BBDO New York is able to produce twice the amount of work with fewer staff.


Jd Michaels
BBDO New York


Jd Michaels, SVP Director of Creative Engineering / Production at BBDO New York said, “Before Xinet, the way we used to search for a file was akin to an ‘X Files/Indiana Jones’ scene. Remember that room at the end of ‘Raiders’? That was our DAM system.”

The first thing Michaels did when he arrived at the agency was install two enormous blackboards in his office.

“The best DAM systems are visual. Art directors think in a visual way. If you try to explain something to them and talk about numbers or concepts, all you get are puzzled expressions. But if you go to the blackboard and show them, the light bulbs go on. The light bulb DAM solution is the one that shows me, it doesn’t tell me. That’s WebNative Suite,” Michaels said.

Not long after the agency implemented WebNative Suite, BBDO used it to solve a colossal problem: A large client had a worldwide shoot scheduled for 5000+ final photos from eight countries with eight different languages, and wanted every image processed through the New York office.

“It worked perfectly. The photographers shot digitally. We gave each of them an Uploader for their desktops with their names on them so they could drag and drop their images 24 hours a day. When the New York office woke up, there were 5,500 final shots awaiting them that were uploaded while we slept."

“When our creatives came in to review them, we said: ‘Click here. These are all your pictures.’ When the client came in, they were expecting reams of paper photos taped up on the wall, but instead we used WebNative to project them as a medium. Then we gave them a web address so they could review it at home if they wanted to,” Michaels said.

This underscores the central misconception of asset management, Michaels says.

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“It’s not a library function. It’s a dynamic active database tool designed for problems like this.”  

To ensure a cultural buy-in so his agency would feel comfortable using WebNative Suite, Michaels brought in Apple Computer so that his colleagues—some whom were in their mid-60s—would first get familiar with programs like iPhoto, iMovie and iTunes.  

“I had put iPhoto, iMovie and iTunes on everyone’s desktop so they would play with them and get them familiar with them in that way. One woman was 63 years old at the time and she learned how to search our DAM system and mix and burn CDs. She was the first person you turned to when you need something,” he said. “She learned, through looking for songs on iTunes, the basic principles of navigating any digital asset management system.”  

The business model that WebNative Suite presented boiled down to more work with fewer people.

“In terms of the business model, we were working faster and smarter. We were able to handle more work, and I didn’t need to ask for more employees,” said Michaels. “Xinet is the next generation of time management and money management.”