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Digital Asset Management Solutions

Your Work. Your Workflow.
Xinet WebNative is a fit for Marcom, Advertising, Publishing & more

Looking for a digital asset management solution that manages graphic assets and automates trafficking, notification and collaboration? Look no further than the Xinet® WebNative® Suite, a platform of products that connect every desktop to images stored on one or a dozen servers around the globe via a transparent browser-based interface.

Without WebNative Suite, it would require so much more work and so many more man-hours to do the same things." Pete Stott, Nu Skin

Simple to install, easy to integrate with other products in the creative or production workflow, and ready to use right out of the box, Xinet WebNative Suite delivers control to the brand owner and power to the end user.

Collect illustrations, photography, video and other digital assets by uploading files along with XMP-formatted metadata. Xinet WebNative Suite supports 80+ image formats.

Incorporate metadata already appended to any Adobe Creative Suite product in XMP. Additional metadata can be read into Xinet WebNative Suite from any XML-compatible database or can be input or batch edited.

Reformat art to fit the specs of any job: With Xinet WebNative Suite tools you can order customized versions of a file and download them to your desktop.

Create documents using FPO images downloaded from Xinet WebNative Suite. For final output, relink to high-resolution images stored on the server using the Xinet Picture Wrangler plug-in.

Manage workflow with tools that are easy to apply to your company’s standard operating procedures. Custom-automated triggers and actions alert creative management to receipt of uploaded assignments, cue documents for review, notify clients of for-approval assignments, relay approvals throughout a team, and automate delivery of final mechanicals to print partners.

Collaborate internally with graphics versioning tools and plug-ins that show availability or changes to document elements. Collaborate externally by sharing files and previewing documents.

Secure your assets with Access Control Lists and by adding WebNative Portal, a secure customizable front end for web-accessed networks.

Grow. It’s as simple as adding servers. With WebNative Portal, users can search across every volume on the network and around the world quickly and efficiently.

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Young & Rubicam
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