• Overview
    Xinet® WebNative® Suite is the dynamic digital asset management (DAM) solution that dramatically streamlines the collection, access, production, distribution and archiving of graphic media for advertising, publishing, prepress, retail and corporate communications.

  • Features & Benefits
    The Dam Software simplifies the creative and production process with time-saving digital asset management tools that promote multi-site collaboration between staff, vendors and clients worldwide.

  • Tools
    Xinet® WebNative® Suite features many tools that automate production and creative workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Creative Workflow
    Xinet® WebNative® Suite provides secure, remote access to server-based digital assets and creates an efficient workflow with a range of digital asset management tools.

  • Production Workflow
    Xinet® WebNative® Suite provides secure, remote access to server-based digital assets and creates an efficient workflow with a range of digital asset management tools.

  • Archiving
    Xinet® WebNative®Archive offers users a simple, consistent method for storing and retrieving files-right from the WebNative Suite browser-based interface.

  • Video
    Video for Xinet® WebNative® Suite supports video, audio and HTML files from a secure, central location and enables WebNative users around the globe to search for, view, annotate, approve and distribute these assets from a Web browser.

  • Tech Specs
    WebNative client production users running Macintosh OS 9 or Macintosh OS X can connect to the WebNative server over AFP and mount volumes onto their Mac client desktops.

Case Studies

  • Overview
    Simple to install, easy to integrate with other products in the creative or production workflow, and ready to use right out of the box, Xinet WebNative Suite delivers control to the brand owner and power to the end user.

  • Enterprise »
    The feature-rich digital asset management and workflow automation platform that Xinet® engineers have developed over the past 15 years is in place as an enterprise solution at dozens of companies.
  • Advertising »
    The world's largest ad agency brands and the highest billing US agencies have chosen Xinet® WebNative® Suite as the de facto standard digital asset management platform to collect, customize and distribute the most valuable brands on earth.
  • Marcom »
    Since Xinet® WebNative® Suite is the de facto standard DAM platform that advertising agencies use worldwide to collect, serve and distribute valuable branded assets for their clients, it follows that marketing communications professionals would adopt Xinet technology to manage their own brands in-house.
  • Retail »
    Xinet® WebNative® Suite makes it possible to change product or pricing in retail advertising right up till the last minute by cutting time in creative and production, and by making it possible to read inventory and pricing data directly to the digital asset management system that holds a retailer's live copy and graphic materials.
  • Publishing »
    The digital asset management system of choice for dozens of newspapers, newsweeklies and glossy magazines worldwide - including Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated - is Xinet® WebNative® Suite.
  • Prepress »
    Successful printers and prepress production houses know that in order to stay competitive, they need to offer prepress services that are efficient, easy to use, and cost effective. That's why top commercial printers and prepress facilities, both large and small, rely on the Xinet® WebNative® Suite to streamline production, increase profits and offer asset management services to their customers.


Before you invest in Xinet®WebNative® Suite, it's important to know that the company that's been developing and supporting this robust and sophisticated digital asset management platform since 1991 is on call to answer your technical questions.


Xinet® products are sold through an international network of carefully selected and specially trained Authorized Xinet Integrators (AXIs). Xinet supports its worldwide channel with a robust program that includes technical training from Xinet engineers, on-going technical support, and participation in international industry events.

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