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  Xinet on the Road

Xinet integrator IO Integration will exhibit at this event.

Universal City, CA
March 2-3, 2011

Xinet integrator System Bages will exhibit at this event.

Barcelona, Spain
March 22-26, 2011

Direct Marketing ExpoDirect Marketing Expo
Xinet integrator Visual Processing Japan will exhibit at this event.

Tokyo, Japan
May 11-13, 2011

Henry Stewart NY
Xinet will exhibit at this event.

New York, NY
June 8-9, 2011

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23-25 Administration
9 WebNative Portal Design
7 WebNative Portal Design
11 WebNative Portal Design
8 WebNative Portal Design
13-16 Advanced Administration
13 WebNative Portal Design
1-3 Administration
10 WebNative Portal Design
8 WebNative Portal Design

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Product Spotlight

Xinet® WebNative® Archive provides a simple-to-use, intuitive window into the archiving solutions that integrate best with WebNative Suite—giving users the ability to archive and retrieve assets, and giving administrators the ability to manage the process—directly from the WebNative environment.

No matter how many assets you need to keep track of, no matter where those assets are stored—online, nearline or offline—this uncomplicated interface supports efficiency for users and administrators alike. With WebNative Archive, approved users, whether local or remote, can send requests to your backend archiving software to store assets in media storage libraries from the familiar WebNative Suite interface.

Streamline your archive and retrieval tasks with this easy-to-use solution. Administrators will appreciate its flexibility, and users will enjoy its simplicity. Read more.


Release News

In November we released WebNative Archive 2.0, and in December we released Video 4.1 and PC Connectivity 2.1. All new releases are available to Authorized Xinet Integrators, developers, and customers who are currently enrolled in the Xinet Maintenance Program.

WebNative Archive 2.0 contains several updates

WebNative Archive 2.0 now includes support for Unix servers—Mac OS X Intel, Solaris and Linux—and interacts with FlashNet back-up and archival software from SGL. This product replaces SGL's FlashWeb Archive plug-in module for users on supported Unix platforms, and provides full integration with FlashNet and WebNative Venture. While FlashNet software continues to run behind the scenes, WebNative Archive allows users to work within the familiar WebNative environment to initiate restores and archives and control many elements of FlashNet administration and scheduling.

Video for WebNative Suite 4.1 updates

This version of Video for WebNative Suite contains the following enhancements:

  • Apple ProRes 422 has been added to our list of supported file formats for the Video product.

  • Support is now included for MPEG4-H264 (.mp4) video encoding for low resolution videos, to offer streaming on the iPhone 3G/Android, iPhone 4, and iPad.

  • For HTML pages with links to "page assets"—such as images, CSS,JavaScript and Ajax—on the WebNative server, mview will show the linked assets.
  • PC Connectivity 2.1 updates

    PC Connectivity now supports the following server platforms/environments:

  • Macintosh OS X 10.6.x
  • SGI Altix
  • Solaris 10 (and Solaris bound with Centrify)
  • Linux RedHat bound with Centrify
  • Windows

    Full details about new products, features and product upgrades can be found in the “Downloads” area of our Web site under “Released Software.” See the “Release Notes” folder within the individual Xinet product folders. If you have questions about product releases, please contact Xinet Technical Support.


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    Xinet Community News

    Xinet attended Henry Stewart Los Angeles November 15-16.We were delighted to have two of our customers, Evan Shore with Arnold Worldwide and Steve Gleason with Young & Rubicam, share their experiences with implementing DAM in informative case study sessions.The busy show was packed with over 300 attendees, focusing on DAM innovations and best practices.


    Network InnovationNetwork Innovation, located in Sweden, hosted a Xinet booth at OnTrackImaging, a unique trade show held on a train from November 1-12. Directed to the whole media industry, the show visited eight major Swedish cities over the two weeks, including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö with over 4,000 people attending the show and seminars.


    Jump I.T.Jump I.T. recently participated in a local Canadian trade show called PrintWorld. PrintWorld is held every two years at Exhibition Place in Toronto and is attended by printers and members of the design community from across the country. The latest version of WebNative Suite garnered a high level of interest with the attendees.

    Coinciding with the show, Jump I.T. welcomed Shane Vella, former Vice President of Digital Services at MacClaren McCann Advertising to their team. Shane’s expertise in implementing the WebNative Suite DAM system will enhance the already strong Professional Services Group at Jump I.T.


    Complete Workflow SolutionsIn November one of our UK AXIs, Complete Workflow Solutions (CWS), attended the MediaPro event in London November 2-3. The show was very busy, focusing on all aspects of asset management and workflow for the media industry. It was a great springboard for CWS to launch their new brand and corporate strategy, focusing primarily on workflow solutions. CWS offered a complete end-to-end workflow solution centered around WebNative Suite.

    Attendees seemed to be especially interested in integrated solutions, which primarily provide business focused workflow solutions. CWS demonstrated a powerful range of products to fulfill these requirements. Overall the show was very well attended, and people seemed to have an appetite for spending which is great news for 2011.


    Turning Point IntegrationFor the second year running, Turning Point Integration (TPI), based in the UK, attended the MediaPro exhibition in London. This event is targeted at ad agencies, publishers, corporate marketers and everyone in the media supply chain. The attendance for this event was 30% up on last year, not bad given the tube strike. TPI met with people from many sections of business.

    London Graphics Systems (LGS) & TPI hosted their first joint event on November 24 in London, which was a celebration of new technologies and fundraising. Tickets were sold for various prizes in aid of the SOS Charity which raises funds to look after children in developing areas such as Africa. Over £1,500.00 was raised that night, matched by LGS/TPI to double it. As well as a fantastic networking opportunity among peers, guests had the opportunity to partake in a “Cocktail Masterclass.” Guests also enjoyed music from Sara Lily, an emerging talent on the music scene, John Adelaye, a former X Factor contestant, and the soul legend Lee John of Imagination fame.


    IO IntegrationIO Integration, in the United States, recently attended the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Conference in Los Angeles, CA. This conference gave IOI a chance to visit with existing clientele and provided an opportunity to connect with those new to the digital asset management arena. Beyond exhibiting, Rich Carroll, IOI Deployment Team Manager was a featured speaker at this event.

    Building on the success of the IOI Lunch & Learn event held in New York over the Summer, IO Integration held another installment of the Lunch & Learn conference series in Minneapolis, MN on November 3. This event brought together retail marketing professionals from across the region for a day of in-depth product demonstrations and a chance to speak face-to-face with IOI engineers, many business partners and industry peers.


    We'd love to see you at a future event. If you are interested in speaking at a Henry Stewart DAM show, please contact our Public Relations Manager, Julie Huang.


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    Customer Spotlight

    Both Wilson Sporting Goods and XYZ Graphics struggled with handling huge quantities of files and other assets. Looking for a way to provide constant and secure access to assets for partners, employees and clients led them to implement WebNative Suite.


    Wilson Sporting GoodsAn iconic brand in the sports world, Wilson Sporting Goods has been one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of sporting equipment for almost a century. Headquartered in Chicago, in the US, Wilson has a presence in more than 100 countries and employs over 1,600 people globally.

    With thousands of products and a constantly updating product line, the company’s limited DAM system wasn’t able to keep up with their production needs and rapid asset growth. David Barron, Manager of Creative Technology at Wilson, was brought in to help launch WebNative Suite. With WebNative Suite, the company wanted to better utilize their server space, eliminate errors and confusion about asset availability, and make it easier for users to find and update images.

    “Since launching WebNative Suite, we are quickly rolling it out to our staff so that they can easily access our digital library. Wilson’s marketing team is utilizing the Xinet system to search for assets more efficiently. The creative services people are using it to improve workflow and to find the assets used in ads and catalogs. Our prepress vendor, Color4, which is an outside resource, is using it daily to get new photos from our internal photographer and to give us the retouched images. And since Wilson is hosting global assets, we are starting to register users in our worldwide offices, and dealers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, China, Australia—everywhere that Wilson is—will be able to directly access the images in our library,” said Barron.

    *Read the full Wilson case study.

    XYZ GraphicsSan Francisco-based XYZ Graphics is a creative support studio specializing in image creation and post-production. The company offers creative services such as photography, CGI and retouching. With offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boulder, Colorado, XYZ Graphics’ roster of clients includes leading advertising agencies and brands such as Draftfcb, Saatchi & Saatchi, Deutsch, Cisco, Mitsubishi and Williams Sonoma. Due to their large client base, XYZ Graphics now uses WebNative Suite to handle hundreds of transactions a day—more than fifty individuals access WebNative Suite daily to manage, approve and download digital files.

    Jim Sutherlin, IT director at XYZ Graphics, finds that WebNative Suite offers powerful tools that provide their clients better access and easier utilization of files: “WebNative Suite has been a great selling point with many of our clients—by offering digital asset management as a service it lets them give us more retouching work, which we really excel at. It has improved the way we connect with a lot of our clients and helped us further our relationship with them,” said Sutherlin.

    *Read the full XYZ Graphics case study.


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