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  Xinet on the Road

Xinet integrator,
IO Integration, will
exhibit at this event.

Universal City, CA
February 17-18, 2010

Henry Stewart DAM New YorkHenry Stewart DAM
New York

Xinet will exhibit
at this event.

New York, NY
May 20-21, 2010

Check out our Events page on the Xinet Web site to see where Xinet products will be shown around the world.

  WebNative Training


26-28 Administration
29 WebNative Portal Design
15-18 Advanced Administration
20-22 Administration
23 WebNative Portal Design
1-3 Administration
4 WebNative Portal Design
21-23 Administration
24 WebNative Portal Design
27-30 Advanced Administration
9-11 Administration
12 WebNative Portal Design

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Xinet in the News

Xinet has been making headlines! Here is a sampling of articles in which we have recently appeared.

FOLIO Magazine
Integrating DAM into Existing Workflows

Products to Watch

IPA Bulletin
Asset Management in Variable Digital Printing

News from our CEO
Scott Seebass

Scott Seebass, Xinet CEOHappy New Year! While some of you probably had a quiet, relaxing holiday, quite a few of our customers spent the holidays upgrading to Xinet® WebNative® Suite 16. If you have not upgraded yet, you're missing out on some great new features that you could be utilizing. To gain the most benefits from WebNative Suite, particularly if you have been using our products for a long time, consider attending an advanced training (see sidebar for training dates). Here you will discover all the features of our software from the perspective of an experienced administrator. Often, attendees leave with knowledge of features they didn't realize they already had. They're able to return to work and improve their workflows immediately. If you don't have time to attend a training, take the time to get an overview of the new features via WebEx.

A few features that we released last year we still find are underutilized. The first is PDF Image Replacement (PDF IR), which allows image replacement workflows to work with modern layout features. If you are doing page layout with InDesign or Illustrator, and you have yet to implement PDF IR workflows, this will speed up and simplify your production process. Asset Browser is also often not utilized fully. If you are doing any sort of automated layout (such as catalogs, circulars, or yearbooks) with metadata and images, you'll love Asset Browser. This feature works by establishing a link between InDesign and the database, allowing you to place images and incorporate the associated metadata (such as product description, pricing, language, etc.) into the document automatically. See this quarter's Ask the Expert for more info on Asset Browser. Finally, if you have a department doing video work, our recent release of Video 3 is for you. Using the same server, your video department can enjoy many of the same benefits that print production has now (low res generation, easy distribution, etc.). In addition, Video 3 boasts Annotations and Video Reel Generator. Remember, our Technical Sales staff can demonstrate any of these features via WebEx at your convenience.

Although 2009 was a busy year with major releases of all of our products, we don't expect to slow down in 2010. Look for new features to make your job easier, and to address the changing needs of the production environment.

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Feature Spotlight
Feature SpotlightThis quarter we're giving you a peek at some of our most popular WebNative Suite tools. By integrating these tools into your workflow, you can save time, gain efficiency and avoid errors. We're working on new features all the time, so be sure to check our Tools page for more information.

Using these features can also help ensure brand consistency, enhance security, boost production and promote collaboration among colleagues and with clients. For example, Asset Timer can help you control asset usage, ensuring that branding stays current and that proprietary files are not used after their expiration. The Uploader offers offsite collaborators the ability to securely upload files directly to your server, placing them in the right folder, appended with the correct metadata. Learn about these tools and more on our web site. You’re sure to discover new ways to improve your workflow.

*Read more about the WebNative Suite tools.


Release News
In December, Xinet released an update to WebNative Suite. An update to WebNative Portal was released in October. All new releases are available to AXIs, developers, and all customers who are currently enrolled in the Xinet Maintenance Program.

These releases contain fixes for minor bugs found in WebNative Suite 16.0 and WebNative Portal 3.0 since the September 9th release date of these products. Upgrading to versions 16.02 and 3.01 is considered optional and only recommended if a fixed bug affects a site that's already running 16.0 and 3.0. The Release Notes, located online, have a complete list of the fixes included in these software versions.

Full details about new products and features and a complete list of bugs fixed for our product upgrades can be found in the “Downloads” area of our Web site under “Released Software”. See the “Release Notes” folder within the individual Xinet product folders. If you have questions about product releases, please contact Xinet Technical Support.


Xinet Community News

Carl Smith & Berge Thomasian at Henry Stewart DAM Los Angeles

Xinet and our integrators continue to present around the world. Here are a few of the events we participated in this fall and winter.

Carl Smith & Berge Thomasian
at Henry Stewart DAM LA

Turning Point Integration, accompanied by Xinet, exhibited at mediaPro 09 which was held on the 4th and 5th of November in London. A brand new event hosted by First City Media, it was aimed at advertising, design, publishing, corporate marketing, the public sector, charities and pre-media production. Over the two days the event had over four thousand visitors. The new video product, Video for WebNative Suite, in particular created quite a buzz.

Around thirty people attended Graphique Alliance’s showcase of WebNative Suite 16.0 in Bordeaux, France. After a demonstration of the new software from Xinet technical support, attendees heard from customers who discussed how they are using WebNative to gain more efficient workflows and expedite production. Both current and prospective customers learned the new functionalities and possibilities offered with WebNative Suite.

IO Integration was an exhibitor at Henry Stewart DAM which took place November 9th & 10th in Los Angeles. With the recent release of WebNative Suite 16.0, this show was particularly timely in that IOI had set up walkthroughs and demos to showcase its latest features. Along with new prospects interested in finding the appropriate DAM solution for their business, their west coast clientele were also able to sit down and see all the new features they can look forward to using by upgrading to the latest version of the software. 

Xinet was also an exhibitor at Henry Stewart DAM LA. Technical Sales Manager, Carl Smith showcased the latest features in WebNative Suite 16 and Video 3 for WebNative Suite. Additionally, Xinet customers, Dave Courtemanche of Arbonne International, Evan Shore of Arnold Worldwide and Chris Zientek of Campbell-Ewald Advertising, spoke about their experiences implementing and using DAM in compelling presentations that provoked interesting questions and discussions from the audience.

We'd love to see you at a future event. If you are interested in speaking at a Henry Stewart DAM show, please contact our Public Relations Manager, Julie Huang.

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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert
Is there a way to place metadata when I drag and drop to InDesign?


A. Yes, this is possible with the Asset Browser. Asset Browser has two components: an InDesign plug-in, and a Portal site. The InDesign plug-in acts as a web browser (like Safari or Firefox), and the design of the Asset Browser site presents a clean interface with only those features relevant to drag-and-drop.

Asset Browser provides more than just convenient drag-and-drop to InDesign, however. When an image is dragged and dropped, Asset Browser can optionally download and run AppleScript. As InDesign is exceptionally AppleScript-able, this downloaded AppleScript can:

  • determine the size and position of the placed image based on metadata value
  • create text boxes with metadata values and format the text as needed
  • sort text boxes into layers for easy separation of data (for example, languages or regional pricing)

Tech Note 269 provides more details, including an example AppleScript that implements the above features. [Please note: you must be logged in to access Tech Notes]

*Please send us your question for the expert. It could be featured in the next Xing!

Customer Spotlight

We're highlighting two of our advertising customers this quarter. Deutsch LA has been able to collaborate more easily with Deutsch NY and their clients with WebNative Suite. Torre Lazur McCann,a healthcare advertising subsidiary of McCann Healthcare Worldwide, has found numerous ways to integrate WebNative Suite into their workflows, and is already seeing significant cost savings.

Deutsch LADeutsch is a full-service advertising agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Bernie Santos, director of studio services at Deutsch L.A., is in charge of the print studio and he is responsible for overseeing WebNative Suite. Deutsch L.A. initially purchased WebNative Suite simply to improve its filing system; the installation also allowed the agency to evaluate how files are saved and the best way for them to be accessed.

Since Deutsch New York also has WebNative Suite, the two offices are able to collaborate quickly and easily. Overall, WebNative Suite has allowed Deutsch to be more efficient and to better collaborate internally and with clients. “For us, WebNative Suite has been a valuable tool within our agency, and a value-added service for our clients,” said Santos.

*Read the full Deutsch LA case study.


Torre Lazur McCannA frequent recipient of Med Ad News’ “Agency of the Year” award, Torre Lazur McCann, a healthcare advertising agency focusing on the pharmaceutical industry and part of McCann Healthcare Worldwide, delivers impactful advertising and communications for companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. After recognizing the need for a DAM solution, Torre Lazur McCann brought in WebNative Suite because they considered the Xinet solution the industry standard in DAM.

“The WebNative Suite was more than I could have imagined it ever was. When I found out that you could move files and archive, catalog, tag, and restore; have clients log in to view their assets and that it was so completely interactive that our users would be able to see files they couldn’t touch from a mounted drive, it was just so much more than what I really even understood,” said Joanne Duckman, director of Production Services for Torre Lazur McCann. “In the amount of time that we’ve already used this tool, we’ve already made back a lot of our money.”

*Read the full Torre Lazur McCann case study.



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