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Henry Stewart DAM

Xinet will exhibit
at this event.

Chicago, IL
September 22, 2010

Xinet integrator IO Integration will exhibit
at this event.

New York, NY
September 22-23, 2010

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  WebNative Training

21-23 Administration
24 Developing for WebNative Portal
27-30 Advanced Administration
18 Intro to WebNative Portal Design
9-11 Administration
12 Developing for WebNative Portal

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  Xinet in the News

Xinet has been making headlines! Here is a sampling of articles in which we have recently appeared.

Sys-Con Media
Xinet Releases Video 4.0 for
WebNative Suite

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News from our CEO
Scott Seebass 

Scott SeebassLately in the Bay Area I've been seeing an advertising campaign which demonstrates that many of the integrated campaign features that have been talked about for years now are actually being put into place. This specific campaign advertises a partnership between an online game and a convenience retailer. The hook is that if you buy a drink at the retailer, you get a coupon that you can redeem in the game for a "virtual" gift.

This is one of the best cross-media examples I have seen. Billboards, bus ads and wraps, newspaper ads, online banner ads, and viral tweets are all being used. The promotion is carried over to many types of packaging and POP displays as well. This campaign uses elements of the most talked about new technologies from this decade and the last, including social networking, variable data printing, data mining, etc.

These days almost every campaign contains more than one media type, and while this campaign may be an extreme example, it is becoming more and more common. These sorts of campaigns can best be delivered by studios that can produce quality work across a wide variety of media. If each of the elements has to be handed off separately to a specialty house, delivery time, budget, and brand continuity will all suffer. Clearly, market opportunity exists for shops that can deliver all (or most of) these services in one place.

Building such a studio is no small task, as each media type has special needs and limitations, and requires people who fully understand that market. The good news is that your Xinet® WebNative® server is ready to deliver. Xinet is actively working with customers to help you utilize all of the WebNative Suite features. Our customers are creating all of these types of promotional materials and using WebNative to facilitate their campaigns.

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Product Spotlight
Video 4.0 for WebNative Suite was released in May and offers even more options than before. Already a simple, secure way to view, annotate, approve and distribute your video assets, now you can also preview HTML files—including previews of rotating content used in a Web site, like a SWF or GIF banner ad.

Included with this release, Video Reel Generator boasts new functionality. It still allows you to easily create reels from your existing files (from Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word documents to images, video files, and more!), but now you can also add a soundtrack at the click of a button, incorporate HTML and SWF files, and select from an even wider range of video quality outputs.

Video Reel Generator brings simplicity to what could be a complicated costly process when outsourced. By creating reels in-house, you'll save money, gain control, and be sure to get exactly what you want in the process.

Release News
In May, Xinet released Video 4.0 for WebNative Suite, WebNative Suite 16.04 and WebNative Portal 3.04.

Version 4.0 of Video for WebNative Suite contains several new features. Please see our Product Spotlight above for details.

WebNative Suite 16.04 and WebNative Portal 3.04 contain numerous minor updates.

Full details about new products and features and a complete list of bugs fixed for our product upgrades can be found in the “Downloads” area of our Web site under “Released Software”. See the “Release Notes” folder within the individual Xinet product folders. If you have questions about product releases, please contact Xinet Technical Support.

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Xinet Community News

Visual Media Alliance (formerly PINC) held its annual show at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco on May 6th, with AXI Bay Digital exhibiting. Attendance was good with both existing and new customers stopping by. The show was a great opportunity to connect with manufacturers like Fuji, Kodak and Xerox and discuss how to help and support mutual customers.

On June 23rd, IO Integration hosted an event in New York called "IOI Lunch & Learn: Strategies for Gaining Brand Control and Accelerating Delivery." This event brought together industry leaders from all major advertising, publishing, and retail market segments to spend a day learning how IOI’s solution offerings can benefit their organizations. Here, IOI solutions partners Xinet, iBrams, Dalim, Adobe and Industrial Color Software provided attendees an in depth look at their individual product solutions and how collaboratively these products make for the most comprehensive workflow solution on the market. This event was filled to capacity and has received excellent feedback from all those who attended. IO Integration will be planning more of these events in the future so please feel free to contact IOI to inquire about an event in your area.

Xinet attended Henry Stewart New York on May 20-21 while celebrating the release of Video 4.0 for WebNative Suite. We showcased Video 4.0 with all its cool new features, including enabling users to create custom reels with soundtracks from virtually any existing file on the server. Customers Enfatico and RIT presented case studies about their DAM experiences and lent their knowledge to attendees as well. Rich Carroll, from IOI, participated in a panel on best practices in systems integration for DAM. With so much going on, we hope you didn't miss out!

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert
How can I make a file inherit the value of a metadata field from one of its parent folders?


A. If you would like to have files automatically receive values for metadata fields when they are copied or moved to a location on the WebNative server, you can use the 'setdatafield' action. This assigns the same static value to that field for all files inside the active path of the trigger.

In situations where you want to assign different values depending on where the file is moved or copied, use the custom action called 'inherit_parent_metadata,' which you can find on our website in Tech Note 297 (please log in to access Tech Notes). This custom action example retrieves the values for the specified fields from the file's new parent folders and assigns those values to the file.

For example, if you have a projects folder with hundreds of project sub-folders, you can assign a projectid value based upon which folder a file is copied into. Only a single 'inherit_parent_metadata' action setting and a single trigger set are needed to accomplish this, instead of a unique 'setdatafield' action setting and trigger set for each project sub-folder.

For notification purposes, you can also assign a value to an e-mail address field based on the folder in which new files are created.

*Please send us your question for the expert. It could be featured in the next Xing!

Customer Spotlight

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is using Xinet WebNative Suite as a tool for students to prepare for jobs in the field. With real hands-on experience, they are able to collaborate on projects, track jobs and meet almost any need they come up against, all while only scratching the surface of WebNative Suite's capabilities.

Rochester Institute of TechnologyRIT is consistently named by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top regional universities in the United States. RIT’s School of Print Media, one of the leaders in printing and graphic media education, stresses the importance of teaching students to apply real-world technology in their coursework. As a result, RIT implemented WebNative Suite to better educate students on best practices in DAM and workflow. The Xinet DAM solution has become an integral part of the School of Print Media’s curriculum as well as one of the driving technologies used in the school’s Digital Publishing Center (DPC).

“We’re trying to do something innovative with the WebNative system that’s still very applicable to the real world. We have been able to meet almost any need we come up against and that’s without going to any of the third party vendors. We’ve done a lot and yet, we’ve really only begun to scratch the surface of the system,” says Erich Lehmann, Premedia Facilities Coordinator.

*Read the full RIT case study.


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