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  Xinet on the Road

Xinet integrator O2i will be exhibiting at this event.

Paris, France
June 7-10, 2011


Henry Stewart DAM New YorkHenry Stewart NY
Xinet and IO Integration will both be exhibitors at this event.

New York, NY
June 8-9, 2011
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e-Book Expo Tokyoe-Book Expo Tokyo
Xinet integrator Visual Processing Japan will exhibit at this event.

Tokyo, Japan
July 7-9, 2011

Check out our Events page on the Xinet website to see where Xinet products will be shown around the world.

  WebNative Training

9 WebNative Portal Design
7 WebNative Portal Design
11 WebNative Portal Design
8 WebNative Portal Design
13 WebNative Portal Design
1-3 Administration
10 WebNative Portal Design
8 WebNative Portal Design

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6:00am to 6:00pm Pacific
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9:00am to 5:00pm Central European
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News from our CEO

Scott Seebass 

Scott Seebass, CEO I just returned from a trip to Scandinavia and the UK to meet with our customers, where a lot of people came out to fill up our events. Overall, our customers seemed more optimistic than in the past few years and business seems to be improving across industries. Customers are now looking at ways to do more work without regrowing their staffs, so they’re particularly interested in automation and time-savings. People are looking toward the future, and seeing what they can do to improve their businesses instead of remaining in "damage control" mode, where they were a few years ago.

These business improvements include expanding into different markets with different types of media. Most customers are trying to handle more pieces of the puzzle with cross-media work. Almost every industry we serve is trying to work across different media—there's no longer a single focus, like interactive or print. Everything is cross-media now, everything.

Almost everything produced now, no matter what it is, involves multiple media types: video, interactive, websites, print, large format, etc. The marketplace used to be very segmented where a company would do only one piece of the puzzle, but that isn’t really what customers want anymore. People used to be very specialized, but it’s not enough just to do one media well in order to provide comprehensive offerings. Successful companies integrate all of the media types and understand all of them: though they each share many things, they're also all different.

This shift is occurring across all industries. Advertising people want it. It's expanded the scope of campaigns and brands, as now everyone's trying to go cross-media. Brand owners want it: they want to have training videos, electronic mail blasts, things like that. We used to have prepress customers and now we have pre-media customers who do printing, packaging, web design—everyone's interested in hitting the different demographics who use different types of media, since you can’t hit them all with one media. You get a very limited demographic if you only use one media.

This is where Xinet® comes in. We support these different media types and provide the tools to make your project work smoothly and efficiently, in every target market.


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Xinet Hosts Worldwide Integrators

Xinet Hosts Worldwide IntegratorsXinet recently hosted an in-house event with our global Authorized Xinet Integrators (AXIs). AXIs from around the world gathered at our headquarters in Berkeley, CA, where we discussed best practices for providing exceptional service to our customers while continuing to meet the demands of the evolving digital asset management (DAM) industry. Exciting new enhancements for Xinet WebNative® Suite were also introduced, and everyone went home with a wealth of new knowledge, excited and ready to move forward.



Japanese Customers Visit Xinet

VPJ and customers visit Xinet Japanese integrator, Visual Processing Japan (VPJ) and several of our Japanese customers, including Hakuhodo Products, Seikosha, Enterbrain, Hitachi Intermedix and Senmeisha, visited the Bay area. Their visit began at Xinet headquarters in Berkeley, CA and continued on to local Xinet customers Athleta and Viz Media. Both graciously provided valuable insight on how the Xinet DAM system functions in their organizations, what features they use most, and how it has streamlined their workflows.


Online Training Seminar Launched

Xinet recently began offering our WebNative Portal Design Seminar training online. Now web designers can learn about creating and customizing WebNative Portal sites at their convenience without incurring travel expenses. The online course covers how to adjust page layouts, headings and design components, and many levels of functionality/access that users will have once they've logged in to view their assets on the WebNative Portal system. See the sidebar for a full list of upcoming training dates.

Release News

In April we released XTensions for the new QuarkXPress® 9, providing a seamless transition for Quark and WebNative Suite users. All new releases are available to AXIs, developers, and customers who are currently enrolled in the Xinet Maintenance Program.

The following XTensions are included:

  • Picture Wrangler® XT—automatically finds and relinks images to documents that have been moved off-site for layout, proofing, or other purposes.
  • FullPress® XT—enhances the use of QuarkXPress 9 with the Xinet FullPress prepress server software.
  • Annotator XT—works in conjunction with Xinet FullPress print queues to enable users to create PDFs with interactive links to images that reside on the FullPress/WebNative server.

Full details about new products, features and product upgrades can be found in the “Downloads” area of our website under “Released Software.” See the “Release Notes” folder within the individual Xinet product folders. If you have questions about product releases, please contact Xinet Technical Support. Quark customers can download the XTensions from our public website.


Scott Seebass' UK, Scandinavian and Californian Tour

Our CEO Scott Seebass traveled to Europe during the month of May, speaking at several of our AXI events. From Sweden to the UK and back to California he met with our customers and partners. His presentations focused on what's coming next in WebNative Suite, and how Xinet is constantly improving our offerings with our clients' needs in mind. Our sales team also presented in France. Please contact sales for other upcoming sales events.


Xinet Community News

Read about events happening worldwide throughout our AXI community.

Xinet in North America

NAPCNAPC, based in the US, offered a well attended WebNative Suite 16 refresher training course in their Boston offices this past quarter.


IO IntegrationThis Spring IO Integration (IOI), based in the US, attended Createasphere Los Angeles, with Xinet Technical Sales Manager Adam Days on board. Focused on DAM for the entertainment technology community, the show brought together industry professionals in the sectors of advertising, entertainment, media, publishing, sports, museums and higher education. The two day show attracted many visitors excited to learn more about how WebNative Suite creates a more efficient workplace. IOI will also be attending Createasphere New York from September 22-23.

In May, IOI hosted a Lunch and Learn event in San Francisco, focusing on branding. Scott Seebass and Adam Days presented on how to take control of your brand across channels, as well as how to maximize ROI.

Xinet in Europe

System BagesThe Graphispag exhibition in Barcelona celebrated its 45th anniversary as the Spanish graphics industry benchmark event. According to the president of the International Print Media Show, Miquel Heredia, "Graphispag has been a catalyst, an injection of optimism for the reactivation of the graphics industry, which has already started to recover." Heredia explained, "Supplier companies made a huge effort to participate and were pleasantly surprised by the excellent response and interest of the sector's professionals to continue to be innovative."

System Bages, AXI in Spain, was one of these companies. Many people came to the stand interested in WebNative Suite as a tool to offer new services to their customers, as an image repository, and as a digital assets archive or file transfer system. Some of System Bages’ existing customers also visited the stand to show their satisfaction with the Xinet solution.


Turning Point IntegrationLGS & Turning Point Integration, based in the UK, hosted events to showcase upcoming new features in WebNative Suite with Scott Seebass as the key speaker. The launch events were held in May in both London and Leeds.


Network InnovationNetwork Innovation hosted Scott Seebass, Global Sales Director Carole Witter and Technical Sales Manager Gary Fisher for several customer events in Sweden this May. Every event was full and customers were eager to learn about what is new in WebNative Suite.

Xinet in Asia

VPJVisual Processing Japan (VPJ) attended the Tokyo PAGE show. Accompanied by Carole Witter, they presented the Xinet DAM solution to members of the printing, publishing and newspaper industries.


We'd love to see you at a future event. If you are interested in speaking at a Henry Stewart DAM show, please contact our Public Relations Manager, Julie Huang.


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Customer Spotlight

Starkey needed a way to maintain branding and speed distribution across international markets. Tapestry was looking for a way to create a more efficient workflow. With WebNative Suite they created a faster and more efficient system in which customers, vendors and departments can access their files immediately from anywhere, making the review process more effective.


StarkeyStarkey Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The company is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Founded in 1967, Starkey currently employs more than 3,500 people, operates 22 facilities and conducts business in more than 100 markets worldwide.

Jonathan Holt, international marketing manager at Starkey, oversees Starkey’s outbound communications, including the distribution of marketing collateral to their international markets. This includes ensuring that distributed marketing files are up-to-date and that every market is brand compliant. Starkey’s previous DAM system was unable to meet those needs and contributed to slowing the process. WebNative Suite was brought in to replace it and help Holt and his team simplify asset distribution and storage. Since implementing WebNative Suite, the time spent saving, distributing and sharing files has decreased dramatically.

“When I look at where we were six or seven years ago and where we are now, I’m very happy to see how far we’ve come in terms of efficiently managing and using our assets,” said Holt.

*Read the full Starkey case study.



Since it opened in the early 1970s, Tapestry has become a leading media production agency in the UK. Based in London, the agency specializes in advertising prepress, creative retouching, photography services and video editing. Other specialties include packaging artwork and publishing prepress. Tapestry’s wide roster of customers includes such multi-national brands as Electronic Arts, Sony Computer, Mars Incorporated, Kallo Foods and Alfred Dunhill.

WebNative Suite was brought into Tapestry to help the agency with internal production and archiving, and to provide clients with an enterprise-level DAM system that would enable them to track, approve, budget and deliver all their marketing collateral from one central location.

Steve Butler, technical development manager at Tapestry said, “Overall, we found that WebNative Suite pretty much paid for itself. As an enterprise DAM system, it’s a solution that has helped us improve client interaction, increase efficiency and bring in revenue.”

*Read the full Tapestry case study.


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