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Xinet Introduces Asset Browser to Improve the Production of Fliers and Circulars

BERKELEY, California – March 3, 2009 – Xinet® Inc., the leader in digital asset management (, today announced the release of Asset Browser, a plug-in for Adobe® InDesign in Xinet WebNative® Suite. With Asset Browser, Xinet customers who produce circulars and catalogs will no longer have to leave the InDesign environment in order to drag and drop images from a browser; Asset Browser provides a Web browser within the layout program itself. Additionally, when users drag and drop assets from WebNative Portal, a new layer of customization can be added using AppleScript that automates many aspects of the design and layout for both images and the metadata associated with them.

Users can access Asset Browser through the plug-in menu in InDesign; the tool enables circular and catalog designers to stay in the InDesign environment without needing to change applications during the image layout process. When an asset is dragged from Asset Browser, as opposed to a standard Web browser like Safari, the client automatically downloads and runs the AppleScript from the WebNative server. The standard AppleScript that comes with Asset Browser simply places the image into the target document.

For those looking for additional customization, AppleScript can also be written for specific design and layout requirements beyond the basic drag and drop functionality. For example, the custom AppleScript might place the image at a different size, depending on the value of a metadata field associated with the image; or the script could place text boxes containing metadata values alongside the image so creative staff members are saved the tedious, repetitive task of entering text for each image.

“Asset Browser is an invaluable tool for circular and catalog producers who are looking for a way to improve their design and production process,” said Scott Seebass, CEO of Xinet.  “Designers can better focus on the layout and design process without worrying about toggling between the InDesign environment and the browser in order to drag and drop images. This will enable production to be faster and more efficient.”

Xinet has developed image server software for the graphic arts, communications, publishing and printing industries since 1991. The Xinet digital asset management system, WebNative Suite, streamlines the collection, access, production, distribution and archiving of graphic media. Xinet customers include leading brands such as: Avon Japan, Macys, and the Topps Company. 

About Xinet

Xinet is a leading developer of high-performance server software applications for graphics and media professionals. With North American headquarters in Berkeley, California and a European office in Munich, Xinet has built a loyal customer base of the top advertising agencies, retailers, printers, publishers, and corporations worldwide. The Xinet solution is a flexible and efficient asset management system that provides access to volumes throughout the enterprise and around the globe.

Julie Huang
Xinet, Inc.