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Xinet Authorized Integrators Are Experts

Xinet® has built a reputation for strong engineering and customer-driven product development which has helped the company attract and retain a team of expert independent resellers known as Authorized Xinet Integrators (AXIs).

Xinet software products are sold exclusively through this worldwide network of AXIs, hand-picked and carefully trained by Xinet.

Benefits of working with an AXI
For Xinet customers, the benefit of working with an AXI is having an independent partner who understands the demands of creative and production environments and who has an understanding of how Xinet products can enhance an existing workflow.

Whether you need help with your purchase decision or with any questions after your install, our Authorized Xinet Integrators are there to help.

AXIs can also renew your Xinet Maintenance and Support Program Membership. The first year of enrollment comes free with the initial purchase of a WebNative server license. For more information about Maintenance and Support, please click here.

To find the Authorized Xinet Integrator closest to you, click here.