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Our Management Executives

Stable management team assures consistent development
Scott Seebass
Chief Executive Officer
Scott Seebass has been a leader in the computer networking world since 1989 when — at the age of 20 — he co-authored a Unix System Adminstration guide that is now in its third edition. Prior to co-founding Xinet® in 1991, Seebass worked at Interactive Systems and at mt Xinu, where he focused on the development of MORE/bsd, a commercial version of Unix. In addition to overseeing Xinet, Seebass conducts seminars and participates in panels at leading trade shows. Seebass has written articles for the trade press and is frequently quoted by journalists seeking his straightforward opinion on the industry. He holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, in Computer Science and Statistics.
Joseph Kolb
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Kolb, a member of the Xinet board of directors, has worked with Xinet management for over 16 years. Prior to joining Xinet, Kolb worked at Field Research Corporation, a market research firm in San Francisco. He received a bachelor’s degree from John F. Kennedy University and studied Poetics at the New College of California.
Rhea Gossett
Chief Operating Officer
A critical member of Xinet’s executive management team, Rhea Gossett has designed the company’s strategic, tactical, and operational systems for the past 16 years. Gossett also oversees the Xinet Developer Program. A member of the Xinet board of directors, Gossett holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from the University of California, Berkeley.
Carole Witter
Sales Director
After a long working relationship with the company, Carole Witter joined Xinet in 2000. Witter oversees sales strategies and directs Xinet’s international sales efforts across existing and emerging markets. She travels globally to build and manage relationships with Xinet's network of integrators, key customers, and third-party vendors. Prior to Xinet, Witter had been a sales manager for Barco Graphics and the sales support manager for Contex Prepress Systems. Before joining the industry with a degree in computer systems and operational management, Witter was a systems analyst for Johnson & Johnson Limited.
Sylvain Doré
Technical Sales Manager
Since joining Xinet in 2008, Sylvain Doré has been heavily involved with Xinet technical support, product research and development and technical sales. He travels worldwide, assisting integrators, consulting with key clients and training companies involved in all aspects of digital asset management. He also speaks and presents at Xinet conferences and industry events within Europe. Before joining Xinet, Sylvain was IT Operations Manager for a large Canadian distributor in the automotive industry. He holds a degree in business administration from the Laval University in Québec as well as engineering certificates on Microsoft systems.
Carl Smith
Technical Sales Manager
Carl Smith has been involved with Xinet product research, development, programming, technical support, and sales since 1996. Smith began working in the graphic arts community in 1987 using PageMaker for print ad production. Smith travels extensively throughout the US, Europe and Asia, consulting and training companies involved in digital content creation, management and distribution in the brand, agency, retail and publishing verticals on how to streamline their creative workflow for profit and efficiency. Smith has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of California at Berkeley as well as an engineering certificate from UC Berkeley Extension in digital telephony.