Xinet at a Glance

  • Founded in 1991
  • Privately held
  • Stable management team
  • Founder + CEO: Scott Seebass

Sales Offices


Company Headquarters
Berkeley, California USA
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST
+1 510.845.0555

European Office
Munich, Germany
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CET
+49 (0)

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Workflow Management Software Company - XINET

Xinet Builds on Experience and Vision

Since 1983, Xinet® Inc. has been a leading developer of high-performance server software applications for graphics and media professionals. With North American headquarters in Berkeley, California, and a European office in Munich, Germany, the company has built a loyal customer base among the world’s top advertising agencies, retailers, printers, publishers and corporations. Installed in more than 28 countries, the Xinet solution is a flexible, efficient DAM system that provides reliable access to assets worldwide.

Check out our timeline to learn more about Xinet history.



Professional Membership Organizations & Associations

Xinet is a member of the following industry organizations.


IHAF—In-House Agency Forum
Members include many in-house marketers in various industries such as leading financial institutions, healthcare, retailers and other large enterprises.
Members include more than 5500 professionals from nearly 500 creative, premedia and print service providers.
Members represent companies that supply printers, publishers and package printing/conversion.
Photo Marketing Association
Founded in 1998 as the OpenDWG Alliance, the Open Design Alliance (ODA) empowers its 1200 members worldwide to build engineering applications to effectively address the demands of their customers.
Photo Marketing Association
Members include photo retailers and processors, manufacturers, commercial imaging labs, sports and event photography, custom picture frame shops, and scrapbook retailers—in over 100 countries.
Visual Media Alliance
Members include creative, web, marketing and print businesses in Northern and Central California and Northern Nevada.