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DAM Training—Advanced Administration
and Troubleshooting

This four-day class covers advanced options and usage of Xinet® WebNative® Suite. The course is designed for people who are completely comfortable with the basic configuration, administration, and operation of these Xinet software products and wish to expand their technical knowledge. Topics covered in the Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting course include:

  • Discussion of all product options and features
  • Troubleshooting from a command line
  • Demonstrations of advanced capabilities (often not available through the GUI)
  • In-depth discussion of how the products function

The goal of this course is to provide system administrators and others involved in WebNative server management with a hands-on, focused environment in which they can rapidly improve their problem-solving skills. Each attendee has his or her own WebNative server to configure, and instructors combine discussion with opportunities for attendees to practice their advanced administration skills throughout the course. Attendees are taught to analyze the Xinet product log files, work with the troubleshooting tools which are built into the software, use repair and debugging commands, and employ a range of other techniques for locating the primary causes of server problems and resolving them.

In a series of troubleshooting exercises at the end of the course, various problems are simulated on each person's individual server. A range of typical site administration and configuration issues is represented: file-sharing, client bugs, interactions with third-party software, OPI replacement, printer access, common user mistakes, etc. Technical assistance is provided to attendees when necessary throughout all troubleshooting exercises, and a course manual which details common problems and solutions is provided for attendees to take home.

Course Requirement: Familiarity with the Unix command line is a must. Please contact Xinet prior to registering or making any plans to attend this course to discuss how well it suits your level of Unix or Xinet product administration knowledge.

For additional details about this course, please contact