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September 26-28

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DAM Training—Administration

This three-day class covers basic functionality, configuration and usage of Xinet® WebNative® Suite. The course is designed for people who are relatively new to these software products and want to know more about the products’ capabilities and how to configure and administer them. Attendees will get plenty of hands-on practice setting up WebNative servers and using the key product features.

Topics covered include file sharing, print spooling, Picture Wrangler®, FPOs, OPI, PDFs, QueueMaster, WebNative administration, WebNative Venture database administration, metadata,Triggers and Actions, and WebNative Portal configuration. While in the interest of time, every available feature of these Xinet products is not discussed in depth, by the end of this Basic Administration course attendees will have a firm grasp of the main product features, how to work with Xinet software administration tools, and how the products function.

Both system administrators and end users can benefit from this class.

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