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Xinet Supports Key Partners and Developers

The Xinet® Developer Program is designed to assist the following:

  • Software developers and consultants writing plug-ins or other application tools, which will interoperate with WebNative servers.
  • Vendors and manufacturers wishing to use Xinet software for integration or testing with their own products and solutions.
  • Customers designing and testing Xinet WebNative® Suite and WebNative Portal interfaces, plug-ins, or other in-house programming customizations that wish to do this on a separate machine rather than on their main “live” Xinet production server.
Xinet Developer Program membership includes:
  • Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) license(s) for installation on your choice of the server platforms that Xinet supports. For currently supported operating systems, please click here.

    The SDK provides the functionality for the full WebNative Suite. The SDK is time-limited (based on the Developer Program enrollment term) and all of the images and previews it produces are watermarked. It is a violation of its license to use it in production.

  • Product manuals and technical documentation, including explanations of APIs and other tools used for WebNative Suite software customization and interface creation.
  • Access to all Xinet software releases for the duration of the membership term, including public betas.
  • Access to the Xinet TechNote library.
  • Access to standard Technical Support service, for answering questions related to the performance of Xinet software.

Developer training offered in Berkeley
Please note that the Xinet Developer Program membership does not include instruction on Xinet system administration or assistance with software programming, scripting, or other customization or integration requirements. For further assistance on these topics, Xinet offers training courses on product Administration, WebNative Styles architecture, and WebNative Portal architecture. Go to Training for complete information.