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Xinet Maintenance Program

Continual enrollment in the Xinet® Maintenance Program is the best way for customers to stay current with advances in Xinet software. Benefits, pricing and policies are described here.

First Year Free

The first year of enrollment in the Xinet Maintenance Program is free upon the initial purchase of a Xinet server license. Additional products purchased during this 12-month period are included in the one-year term of free enrollment, but do not extend it.

After the first year of free enrollment, membership renewal ensures that customers will stay current with Xinet product upgrades and new features.

Membership Benefits

Customers enrolled in the Xinet Maintenance Program are entitled to receive all new product updates, feature enhancements, patches, and software bug-fixes released by Xinet during the membership term. Enroll now and enjoy the following benefits:

No-cost license transfer between servers: Should hardware upgrade or replacement become necessary, customers with a current Maintenance membership may transfer their Xinet software license from one server platform to another with no additional charge.

Quick 24/7 access to upgrades: Xinet provides its most recent software releases for downloading from the secure Customer Support area of the Xinet Web site.

Convenient library of technical information: Current Software Administration Guides and manuals, the Xinet library of TechNotes, and other product materials are available online as well.

Eighteen hours of worldwide support: Xinet provides eighteen continuous hours of expert technical support around the world, from two locations—our corporate headquarters in Berkeley, California from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST, and our European office in Munich, Germany from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CET.

Direct contact with Xinet engineers: The Xinet Maintenance Program offers a forum for asking questions and exchanging information with Xinet engineering and technical support staff. These technical services, provided directly by Xinet, complement the extensive front-line support offered to customers from their Authorized Xinet Integrators (AXIs), who are fully trained by Xinet on software installation and administration issues.

Membership Renewal Pricing and Policies

To stay current with Xinet product upgrades and to avoid unnecessary upgrade fees, we encourage you to keep your license enrollment up-to-date. To renew membership in the Maintenance Program, contact Xinet today.

Annual cost:The annual cost to enroll in the Xinet Maintenance Program (after the first year) is:

•  15% of the list price of all licensed Xinet products
•  20% of the list price of all licensed Xinet products (when license includes optional PC Support)

Renewals and upgrade fees: Customers have up to 30 days after enrollment expires to renew membership with no penalty. After this 30-day grace period, the following renewal fees apply:

•  20% of the list price of all licensed Xinet products will be charged as a late enrollment fee—in addition to the annual renewal cost above
•  45% of the list price of all licensed Xinet products will be charged for upgrade and re-enrollment once Xinet has issued a major software release (e.g. version 15.x to 16.x)—this includes the annual renewal cost above

If your Maintenance Program enrollment has expired and you want to re-enroll or purchase product upgrades, contact Xinet for more information.

Adding products to a license: Customers must be currently enrolled in the Maintenance Program before purchasing new products or adding production users to their server software license. Maintenance for each additional purchase is included free of charge for the remainder of that year’s Maintenance term. Upon the next annual renewal, the cost of Maintenance will be based on the entire set of licensed products.

Multi-year support: Customers who want to lock in current annual rates for their license can do so by purchasing up to five years of Maintenance Program membership in advance. Maintenance fees for additional products purchased during the multi-year period are due at the time of licensing and are prorated to match the license’s existing Maintenance Program expiration date.

NOTE: Within Germany, Xinet software is distributed through Xinet GmbH and our German AXI sales channel. Please contact Xinet GmbH via